‘The Mosquito Coast’ also seems strange moving the book into the modern era


The primary relationship of note here is the actor-producer involvement Justin Theroux (“The Lefters”), who is the nephew of Paul Theroux, and assumes the central role of “radical idealist” Eli Fox, who wants to stay off the grid with his wife and children. Still writer-producer Neil Cross (“Luther”) Also said that with more disturbing symptoms, as the family flees towards Mexico, is embroiled in a series of dangerous encounters and questionable choices that periodically make them look ugly as well as stupid Americans. .

The main problem, and this is a big thing, is that there really is no one here to like or root for. Certainly not the Fox of Theroux, who kills his teenage children (Logan Polish, Gabriel Bateman) in dangerous situations, or his wife Margot (Melissa George), who, for all her painful manifestations, is more than a little complicit in Ordell. is.

Nor are the children themselves very sympathetic, though the brutality of their plight is exacerbated by the 21st-century setting, depriving them of items like cellphones, and Ellie’s control over them in a doom-like primal Feel more. When federal agents (Kimberly Allies) track them down, the daughter asks, “Why is he doing this to you the way you do it?”, This is a question that hangs unprovoked throughout the practice.

Cross originally connects with the progression in the story, with Fox on the run from the Fed, giving the story a more espionage-type feel, as the family must abandon everything and begin their pilgrimage through the desert.

The 1986 film starred Harrison Ford as the wild-eyed inventor, and despite the film’s defenses, represented one of his few typical box office duets during those years. While the seven-episode streaming format provides an opportunity to flesh out the story and characters, not all cloak-and-dagger shenanigans have a net effect, as Ellie and her clan run from the run-in with the US Maritia members to the Mexican Huh. Drug cartels, usually jump straight out of the frying pan into the fire.

Theroux and George bring a lot of intensity to their roles, but many of the supporting characters almost have a cartoon quality. In addition to a well-deserved lecture for Allie about American imperialism and its myopic self-absorption, Cross presents this eccentric figure, revolting against him or the roots of his cause.

Frankly, there may never be a right time for something like “The Mosquito Coast”, but amid the current crush of conspiracy theories, this plot feels unfairly. The bottom line is that Apple has built a series that not only fails to get under your skin, but mostly makes you want to overcome it.

“The Mosquito Coast” premiered on April 30 on Apple TV +.


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