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The New York Post temporarily deletes, then edits the false story that claims Harris’ book was given in the migrant ‘welcome kit’

Reporter Laura Italian, who wrote the article, tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that she resigned from the newspaper. Italiano Tweeted: “The Kamala Harris story – an incorrect story that I was ordered to write and which I had failed to fully assert – my first point.”

The Post Newsroom asked Italian questions about a public relations representative who did not immediately respond to Phoenix’s response to the charge that he had been “ordered” to write the article.

Later in an earlier article on Tuesday, the Post’s major amendments were already widely spread in conservative circles after being mistaken – and unfoundedly accused Harris, whom President Joe Biden has assigned To lead the effort to stop the flow of migrants on the southern border Personal profiteering From the state of immigration.

Spokesman Kevin Lee told the Washington Post and later CNN that neither the federal government nor the city government had purchased copies of the Harris book. Lee told CNN in an email that books would be made available at the shelter in an informal library, not pre-selected for each child’s welcome package.

“Children can pick and choose what they read from the available donation list. Children also get to choose and choose clothes from a wide variety of choices. Those with the ability to make such individual choices can be challenged by this challenge. Are important to them during this period of time in their lives, “Lee said.

The New York Post claims that copies of the Harris book were placed in the “welcome kit” Repeated or shared By many Republican elected officials, is echoed by other right wing News outlet, And used as the basis of a Fox News reporter’s question Press talk at the White House on Monday.

(Both Fox News and the New York Post are owned by members of the Murdoch family.)

The New York Post article was moved down and then replaced and republished Saturday cover story. The cover, which contained the sentence “KAM ON IN” in big caps, unfoundedly insisted that copies of Harris’s book were being “illegally” given.
Revised edition The article claimed that the Harris book was being put into a “welcome kit” and added to the fact that the book was donated by a community member. But it nonetheless claimed that the book’s presence at the shelter was an “open-handed gesture by the Biden administration”, although there is no evidence that the administration had anything to do with it.

The post attached an “editor’s note” to the bottom of the article, stating, “The original version of this article stated that migrant children were receiving Harris’ book in a welcome kit, but noted that It is updated that only one known copy. One child was given the book. “(Actually, the donation was for the collection of shelter, not given to a particular child.)

The New York Post was also temporarily moved down and then revised and republished. An article Monday about a Fox reporter’s exchange with White House press secretary Jane Saki. That Article headlines, “Sasaki has no answer when asked about Harris’ book being given to child migrants.” The post inserted a similar editor’s note below.
The New York Post’s walk-back was the second time in two days that a right-wing media outlet had to effectively withdraw a viral claim about the Biden administration. Fox News anchor John Roberts on Monday Accepted on air His show went wrong on Friday when it was claimed that Biden Americans were required to eat a maximum of four pounds of red meat per year.

A fictional scam based on a photo

The entire fictional scandal about the Harris book began on Thursday with a single photo from a media tour of the Long Beach shelter – although the caption said nothing about the government buying the book or placing the book in the welcome kit has gone.

Union-run shelter at Long Beach Convention Center, which Opened on thursday And scheduled to work until August, will house unaccounted migrant children on the border with Mexico.
On a media tour, Southern California news group employee photographer Brittany Murray Took a photo of a copy The book Harris sits on a cot containing a backpack and hygiene items. In the background of the shot are two unrelated books on a cot. Photo of another dead The media tour shows different books on other planks.
It is unclear why the New York Post decided to claim that something illegal had happened or to suggest that the Harris book be included in the welcome kit. Murray said in an email that there were no more than five books Section of the facility they visited, “All the various titles / authors,” and “Only mention of books during the tour was a request for book donations from the public.”

“I did not see any other copies of Harris’ book while on tour,” said Nathaniel Percy, a Long Beach Press-Telegram reporter on a tour with Murray. Percy also said, “I did not see anything suggesting that any books would be received in the welcome kit upon the arrival of the children.”

This article has been updated with tweet by reporter Laura Italic.


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