The Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, rushes to honor Indigenous People’s Day.

deb haland, President Biden’s Secretary of the Interior, was among this year’s more recognized amateur runners.

written by Haland An opinion article for the Boston Globe that she was running a marathon, which is happening Swadeshi People’s Day“As a tribute to the missing and slain Indigenous peoples and their families, the victims of Indian boarding schools, and to the promise that our voices are being heard and will be a part of an equal and just future in this new era.” “

Haland became First Native American Cabinet Secretary When it was confirmed in March.

Of the 26.2 miles, Haaland wrote, “My feet will pound the ancestral homes of the Massachusetts, Mashpie Wampanoag and Pawket peoples and follow in the footsteps of the Indigenous runners who have competed in this race in its 125-year history.”

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