Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Sing-Rap Generation Branch Out

The number 1 song in the United States is Polo Ji’s “Rapstar”; Rod Wave’s latest album “Solfaly” Her recent debut at the top of the Billboard album chart; And one of the most in-demand collaborators in hip-hop is Lil Tajay. The current singing-rap generation is thriving, and using a wide variety of perspectives, from saccharit pop to gospel-esque blues.

This genre acquisition has been in motion for over a decade now – even though most of the actors in the current wave work under the long shadow of Youngboy Never Broke Again, the arc dates back to the future and the young thugs; And before that, Drake; And before that, Kanye West; And so on.

In this week’s popcast, a conversation about the many stripes of sing-rap success, and melody has led hip-hop into the work of emerging artists over the years including Polo G, Rod Wave, Lil Tudge and Notchap, Rylo Rodriguez How it has changed. , Mouski and Morere.


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