‘The Space Between’ Review: Kelsey Grammer Rocks

“Frasier” fans may have found the singing voice of its star, Kelsey Grammer – one who sang a peon “Thrown Salad and Scrambled Eggs” On the sitcom’s final titles—a balm, a comfort, and another source of humour. One is curious how they will take on “The Space Between,” a comedy/drama in which Grammer plays a burnout ’70s rocker and almost sings the tune of an LP written by Weezer’s River Cuomo.

No, I’m not making it up. The film, directed by Rachel Winter from a script by Will Aldis, is set in 1996 and narrated by a brilliant wannabe, Charlie (Jackson White), who works in the mailroom of a record company and hunts down LA’s Viper Room. who is lying about the band. His ability to sign them. Aldis’ script nearly knocks himself unconscious trying to establish the actual duration; The names of Spacehog, Hole, Guns ‘n’ Roses and River Phoenix have been dropped by rapid-fire.

Back in the mailroom, Charlie overhears the head of the company, Donnie (William Fichner) complaining about Mickey Adams, a Dylanesque (but weren’t they all?) singer-songwriter from decades ago, still living off the label. are. Charlie volunteers to persuade Montecito to hurry and Adams to terminate his contract.

So, with awesome hair and attitude, Grammer is soon dosing Charlie with psychedelics and sharing teachable moments as his rejected daughter Julie moves in and out of the picture.

This is one of those movies that never sinks to the sheer depths you want. Grammar singing, Stentorian in a harry chapin The mode, of course, is unusual. But once the awkwardness kicks in, Grammar shows some sharp tendencies in his characterization. and Paris Jackson, as a future protagonist of Charlie who gets a brushoff, delivers a knowing and authentic period-LA-rocker twist, especially impressive considering that she was born well after the movie happened.

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Rated R for language, nudity, themes, ’90s L.A. rock visual content. Walking Time: 1 hour 35 minutes. rent or buy fandangonau, heroine, Vudu’s and other streaming platforms and pay TV operators.

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