Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The theater community reunites for a pop-up show in Times Square, exactly one year after it became dark due to an epidemic in Broadway

“We Will Be Back”, which took place on Friday, aimed to support the arts and shed light on the millions of people working in the Broadway industry.

“We Will Be Back” director and producer Holly-Annie Devlin said, “We alone contribute $ 19 billion to the New York State economy and we have not been funded.” “This is really to show people that we are here and we need support, and we have a love for our city.”

All 41 Broadway theaters have been closed since March 12, 2020. While Broadway is as dark as before 9/11 terrorist attack Or because of the strike, the show’s suspension has been the longest shutdown in its history due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, costing countless jobs and millions of dollars.

With the help of sponsors, including Broadway Cars / Equity Fights AIDS, Kaleidoscope Entertainment, NYCNext and the Times Square Alliance, Devlin said that he and executive producer Blake Ross paid $ 32,500, which went to the paying employees who did this. Contributed to the performance. , In front of musicians, home workers and costume industry coalition workers.

Devlin said the funds raised helped pay for pre-production preparations, ranging from studio time to pre-recorded music, design work for Billboard in Times Square, and the purchase of PPE for all artists .

Various donations also helped the production come to life. For example, Devlin said that American fashion designer Christian Siriano donated 125 custom made masks specially designed for pop-up shows.

Devin stated that he spent seven to eight weeks preparing for production, and the cast had about one to two weeks to prepare.

The program featured four music numbers and featured among several Broadway stars, including Andre De Shields, Chita Rivera, BD Wong and Matthew Broderick.

“We are against this hidden virus, and to really be able to sing out loud and to see the joy that brings people back again after such a long time … this kind of reunion and coming The celebration is something that Tony Award nominee Charal Brown, who sang the opening number for Friday’s performance, will stick with the rest of my life, told CNN.

Brown said the location of the performance was also important, calling Times Square a “place of dreams, a place where every young child who dreams of being on Broadway”.

“New York will soon be a safe place to enjoy art and entertainment and come back,” Brown said. “And we can’t do that without people coming here to see us.”

Dival said that Broadway is not going to reopen in theaters for several months. However, the artists plan to continue these pop-up shows to remind the public that the end is near, and they will be back soon.

CNN’s Alicia Lee contributed to the report.


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