The US hopes to sanction Russia and expel Russian officials in response to the hack and election interference

Officials said the sanctions would target intelligence and government officials and entities involved in solarwind cyber intrusions.

US officials said the rollout of these actions has taken longer than anticipated, as the White House is not satisfied with the options the State Department initially presented and wanted more expanded sanctions. The White House announced an intelligence review in a wide range of areas during Russia’s “reckless and counterproductive action” President Joe BidenFirst week in office.

CNN, familiar with another source, states that the administration is expected to take measures against Russia on Thursday and is coordinating with European allies.

These functions will be rolled out as an executive order Officials said Biden as well as the sanctions are in coordination with the State Department and the Treasury Department. State Department officials have called on American allies and are preparing for possible Russian responses.

The Russian diplomats who are being expelled are based in Washington, DC and New York, and will have 30 days to leave the country, familiar with the plans stated by US officials.

The new financial sanctions will coincide with efforts to target Russian sovereign debt, which could hurt Russia’s economy.

Officials said that it is unclear whether these restrictions would be enough to change Russian behavior.

The White House and State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Biden administration vowed to respond to Russia’s aggression against the US and its allies in the early days of Biden’s presidency. Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on a number of issues Recent large scale cyber attacks To Suspected poisoning During his first phone call, as the country’s leading opposition figure. And the Biden administration has already ended restrictions on the jailing and poisoning of anti-leader Alexi Navalny.
Even back in Russia, the Biden administration has sought to keep open channels of diplomatic communication and to work with Russia when it is in the US interest. Biden performed the performance that week when He proposed a summit with Putin during his second phone call.
The Biden administration also decided recently Put Trump-Appointed US Ambassador to Work in Moscow At the end of this month at the Climate Change Conference invited to a confirmed future and invited Putin.

This story has been updated with additional reporting.

CNN’s Alex Marquard contributed to this report.


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