The White House expands behind lobbying as Biden pushes public for $ 4 trillion proposals


A White House official said a White House official said last month that the White House had expanded its bipartisan expansion on Capitol Hill in an effort to launch the first part of that agenda on Capitol Hill since Biden. did.

Joe Biden publicly rolled out during the same week $ 1.8 trillion The official said the final piece of that resolution and two trips were made outside of Washington before a joint session of Congress, with Biden’s legislative affairs and policy teams making 110 calls to bipartisan members, chiefs and staff directors.

Biden’s Domestic Policy and National Economic Councils – the two teams that served as the driving force behind Biden’s broader plans – led the four bipartisan committee staff briefings. Top agency officials also attended, the official said. Two bipartisan staff level briefings were held for the staff director and the House Republican leadership.

The behind-the-scenes underscores efforts by the White House to elaborate on its proposals, but also to begin testing the waters for a possible bipartisan path forward.

Biden has already hosted two meetings with bipartisan MPs in the Oval Office and has pledged to look for a bipartisan deal. He spoke by phone San Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia Republican is leading a group of GOP senators who have cast one Infrastructure counter structure On the table. He is expected to receive more invitations to the White House as soon as next week.

Biden said during his address to Congress this week, “I wanted to make my plan before the Congress, my plan, before getting into deep discussion.” “I want to meet people who have ideas that are different – they think that are better. I welcome those ideas.”

On May 12, Biden will host his first meeting with the top four Congress leaders to discuss a range of issues.

Nevertheless, it is unclear whether any such route exists. Republicans have rejected key elements of the $ 2.25 trillion infrastructure and jobs proposal that Biden put in March. He quickly began criticizing the scale of spending and tax increases on the rich that formed the basis for Biden’s second proposal.

“In just a few months, the Biden administration has given up on selling genuine unity in favor of Katnip to cover its liberal base with a heavy coat of false advertising,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, of Biden. Said later. Made my latest offer this week.

For his part, Biden has indicated how long he is willing to push for any kind of bipartisan deal if Republicans are not necessarily willing to meet his vision of the scale.

“The rest of the world is not waiting for us,” Biden said in his address. “I just want to be clear: from my point of view, doing nothing is not an option.”

Nevertheless, the push by Biden’s team with MPs and staff marked the expansion of an effort that was launched in earnest with Biden’s infrastructure proposal. In total, Biden’s legislative affairs team has had 415 calls or meetings with members, staff and staff directors on that piece of the proposal, the official said.

The official said he has conducted a staff briefing of 24 House and Senate committees that was either bipartisan for Republicans or with only two bipartisan member-level group meetings and a separate meeting for Republicans.


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