The women’s 100m race is ahead with a mixed-gender 4×400 relay.

TOKYO – Track and field is in full swing at the Tokyo Olympics, and the race to become the world’s fastest woman is Saturday’s biggest highlight. The women’s 100 meters is scheduled for 9:50 a.m. Eastern, 8:50 a.m. Tokyo time.

Shelley-Ann Fraser-Price, 34, of Jamaica, is already a two-time Olympic champion in the women’s 100 meters, having won in 2008 and 2012. He hopes to win another gold after taking bronze at the 2016 Games. It seems entirely possible – he ran the fastest time of his life in June – and Shakari Richardson, who would have been one of the favorites, would be absent after he tested positive for marijuana, a banned substance, in US trials.

Just before that race, the first mixed-gender 4×400 relay final will be held at the Olympics, with two men and two women competing from each country. It is one of several new mixed-gender events in the Games. On Saturday, Britain won the first mixed triathlon relay, with the United States taking silver and France bronze. in swimming, Britain wins 4×100 mixed medley relay Set another world record in swimming.

In the men’s discus, Sweden’s Daniel Stahl and Simon Petersen won the gold and silver, and Austria’s Lukas Weichdinger won the bronze.

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