Saturday, April 17, 2021

The world’s first digital NXT house sells for $ 500,000

written by Liane Colleen, c.n.n.

After spending so much time at home in the last year, many people are craving a change in their surroundings.

But if a coat of paint or some creative renovation fails to do the trick, there is now a more extreme option: a digital home.

Mars House, the world’s first digital NXT (non-fungal token) The house, recently sold for more than $ 500,000.

NXT has recently made headlines, allowing digital art and other music such as drawings or music to be sold online.

NXT is a unique digital token that effectively verifies authenticity and ownership. It is encrypted with the artist’s signature on the blockchain, a digital ledger used in bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies.

NFT Digital Mars House sold for over $ 500,000. Credit: Courtesy Krista Kim

The new owner paid digital artist Krista Kim 288 Ether – a cryptocurrency equivalent to $ 514,557.79 for virtual assets.

In return, the buyer will receive 3D files to upload to their “metaverse”.

The metaverse is a virtual expansion of our world, Kim told CNN on Tuesday, where plots of virtual land are bought and traded, and digital homes and businesses are built.

There is a market for digital assets such as fashion and accessories and users can live and interact in the metaverse through their digital avatar.

Kim said the concept behind the house was “inspired by the closure during the epidemic.”

Kim, who describes himself as a “techism artist”, told CNN: “Mars House represents the next generation of NXT. It’s a sign of things to come, as we in an AR (augmented reality) Enter. Apple AR glasses and AR contact lenses.

“Art, NXT, cryptocurrency … These sweeping changes and ideas of how we will live with digital assets are becoming a reality and will build a global paradigm.

“Furthermore, after being limited due to Kovid-19, we need more innovative ideas about how our internal environment can heal us, as mental health has become a primary concern for all.”

Artist Kim said Mars House represented "The next generation of NXT."

Artist Kim said Mars House “represented the next generation of NXT.” Credit: Courtesy Krista Kim

“The purpose of the house is to leave a Zen, healing environment,” Kim said in a post. instagram earlier this month.

The artist said that he partnered with composer Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkin to create a catchy musical accompaniment.

Record-breaking month for NXT

The sale was made last week – which has been a record-breaking month for NXT.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Monday Previously published tweets sold As NXT for $ 2.9 million. The tweet, which stated, “Just setting up your twist,” was published on March 21, 2006.

The NXT artwork first sold on March 11 for a staggering $ 69 million staggering action, with positioning artist Biplab nearing the pinnacle of the most expensive living artists ever.

And Gucci has started selling digital-only footwear that costs less than the hundreds of dollars their physical shoes usually sell.


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