This is the life of a dog – or is it?


By remy lye

At first glance I felt that this graphic novel was about art. The title is a play on “Picasso” and a dog on the cover. Maybe the dog is a painter?

Spoiler Alert: He is not. However, follow him and you will soon be immersed in a skillfully woven tale of acceptance and forgiveness.

It is not easy to present these concepts in a way that is encouraging to younger audiences, but Remy Lai (“pie in the sky” And “fly on the wall”) Succeeds: The dog gets reliable rest and comic relief.

Pets and children always nurture their fellow artists, so let’s talk about dogs. Lai knows dogs! This book is full of beloved master draws. My favorites include dog maps of the forest (great dog approaches) and dogs with spa-day head wrap (really adorable). The montage of a dog rolling in a well is amazing. Yes, you read it right. There is genuine joy on that dog’s face. When it comes to artistic line and expression, the dog is a star.

The story begins on the first day of summer vacation. Joe, a young girl, notices a dog carrying a basket and chases it. Curious and adventurous – I like that already. I also want to know more.

This is not an ordinary dog. There is a list and money in the basket, and he happily goes to town to shop for his family! I must admit, I felt defeated here. I can’t even get my dogs to stop barking, let’s help alone.

The dog easily makes its way around the city’s shopping circle. This is definitely not my city. A dog without an owner will be snatched within minutes and rescued. Although I decide to suspend my disbelief, it turns out that I am not alone in my anxiety – featuring the pros and cons of dogs roaming free in the story.

When Joe follows the dog to a bookstore, where he interrupts a student art class, he is quickly assumed to be his owner. This is a mistake that is slow to fix. This dog opens all doors! literally and figuratively. Which is suddenly surrounded by new friends, free snacks and local fame. Sure, everyone likes dogs, but they like them. Acceptance! This is a small deception award.

Some readers may be uncomfortable with a main character caught in a lie, but I remain rooted in Joe’s success. Fame is a growing problem, a threat of risk, and it continues to escalate that action.

Lies that are not the only concern. Her father works in another country and has fewer rare home visits. Would her farewell have been less painful if she had stopped loving him so much? She tries it out. We see the family together for a few days; Which is distant and different. I must have shed a couple of tears.

Late in the book, an incident involving the dog leads to conflicting views, and the townspeople quickly take sides. Loyalists are displayed through posters, pins, and self-righteous attitudes. The magnitude of the bad behavior was surprising to me, but it was not to be. This type of social unrest is familiar. Reconstructed in the context of small town domesticated animals, it is thought-provoking and worthy of discussion.

The resolution will not surprise anyone, but it is satisfactory. A combination of different layouts; Beautiful, gently single page; And the fast-paced spread keeps us on pace with the changes in Joey’s life.

And don’t forget about the dog. He’s so cute … and he takes a basket!

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