Three killed and eight seriously injured in Czech train accident CNN

Miroslav Chaloupka/AP

The trains collided near the village of Milavse, about 85 miles southwest of the Czech capital Prague.

Three people were killed and eight seriously injured when a Munich-to-Prague express train passed a stop signal and collided with a local commuter train on Wednesday. Czech RepublicCzech officials said.

The regional rescue service said several passengers were taken to hospitals by helicopters from the crash site near the western Czech village of Milavás. Fifty people had minor injuries that did not require immediate treatment.

A police spokesman said three people had died. She could not confirm local media reports that the driver of two trains and a passenger were among the dead.

Both the trains involved in the incident were parked on or near the tracks.

Miroslav Chaloupka/AP

Both the trains involved in the incident were parked on or near the tracks.

Transport Minister Karel Havlisek said on Twitter, referring to the express train, “The X 351 passed the signal indicating a stop … and collided with a passenger train.”

The trains collided shortly after 8 a.m. near Milavse, 140 km (85 mi) southwest of the capital Prague.

A spokesman for Ceske Drahi (Czech Railways) said the fast train hit a local train going from Plze to Domzlis, which operates both trains. He said the two train drivers were both cheques.

A Reuters photographer describes a broken driver’s cabin in an express train locomotive and the wreckage in front of a local train. Both trains stood on or near the tracks.


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