Top House Republican Condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Comments, but Stands by Her

Top House Republican Condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Comments, but Stands by Her

WASHINGTON – Top House Republicans on Wednesday refused to punish Representative Marjorie Taylor Green for spreading false and bigoted conspiracies and supporting political violence against Democrats, condemning the Georgia freshman’s previous comments as influential Announced the removal of its posts on congressional committees.

After days of public silence and private tantrums about Ms. Greene – who has supported the execution of top Democrats, suggested the school shooting was staged and said a space laser controlled by Jewish financiers covered a forest Launches Fire – Minority Leader, California Representative Kevin McCarthy Released Torture statement He harshly refutes his previous statements, but then argues that he should not produce any result for him.

“Previous comments and theories on school shootings, political violence, and anti-Semitic conspiracy have been endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Green who does not represent the values ​​or beliefs of the House Republican convention,” Mr. McCarthy said. “I condemn those comments. I condemned him in the past. I continue to condemn him even today.

But in the same statement, hours after the Democrats announced they forced Ms. Green to vote for a House on Thursday on her removal from their committees, Mr. McCarthy clarified that her party would take no action against her And he supported Democrats to do so in a “partisan power grab”.

The contradiction about Ms. Green in the days following Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of minority in Washington and the most powerful Republican, saw the new Georgia leader as a threat to his party, and more and more the general led him Followed

“He is not the face of the party,” Senate Republican campaign chairman, Florida Senator Rick Scott quoted Ms. Green as saying. Mr Scott, who was governor in 2018 when A. Gunman killed 17 people in a high school In Parkland, Fla., Said his attempt to portray the shooting was “disgusting”.

“It is scandalous for any elected official, particularly a member of Congress, to promote violent QAnon rhetoric and foment conspiracies,” Senator Thomas Tillis, a Republican from North Carolina, Wrote on twitter. “It’s not conservative, it’s crazy.”

The varying reactions of House and Senate Republicans portrayed extraordinary turmoil in the party as it struggles to define itself in the White House without President Donald J. Trump.

Feudal games were played behind closed doors on Wednesday evening, as House Republicans met to debate whether to snatch Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, the No. 3 House Republican, of her leadership post, with some of Trump’s loyalists demanding punishment for her was. Vote to vote for mr trump

In an hour-long, often heated meeting, Mr. McCarthy stood by both Ms. Cheney and Ms. Green, and stressed the importance of presenting a united front, according to people familiar with the discussion.

He defended Ms. Cheney, telling lawmakers that he wanted his leadership team to “stick together”, and that they had the right to vote on their conscience. He also warned that if he attempted to remove Ms. Greene from his committee’s work, Democrats could try to target other Republicans, who split private exchanges, according to three people familiar with her comments. Anonymous property was insisted upon.

Ms. Green offered the truce in a brief speech, according to two people familiar with the commentary, and received praise from some lawmakers. He apologized for spying on several conspiracies and insisted that he no longer believed them.

He sidestepped the issue of a Facebook post made in 2010, Detected by Media Matters for America, Suggesting that the devastating wildfires that devastated California were triggered from space by the “Democratic Ledger” and controlled by a prominent Jewish banking family with connections to powerful Democrats.

During the same meeting, lawmakers lined up to air their grievances against Ms. Cheney, about whom several members of the Ultraconservative Freedom Caucus accused Mr. Trump of “supporting the enemy” to bring impeachment. But Ms. Cheney refused to apologize, and asked for a vote on whether she should retain her leadership position, effectively allowing Ms. Green to be unsympathetic while trying to dare Republicans. Granted.

The small group of Republicans who joined with Ms. Cheney in voting to impeach Mr. Trump voiced their support – and some criticized Mr. McCarthy’s handling of the party’s double woes.

Washington Representative Jaime Herrera Beatler said that in response to the question of whether Mr. McCarthy should defend Ms. Cheney, leaders say they will take the lead and we will see if they do. “I am focused on ensuring the leadership of elected leaders.”

Ms. Cheney’s fate, Ms. Herrera Beatler, was a disguise for a larger issue than just the Republican Party: its adherence to Mr. Trump.

“It’s about the direction of our party and whether we’re dedicated to a minority or just one person or a united Republican majority,” he said.

Hours before the caucus meeting, the number of other Republican women was even more pronounced during the repeated emotional virtual fund-razors for the two Republicans who attended, according to two Republicans.

Most vocal was former Virginia Representative Barbara Komstock, a longtime party official who swept from her suburban Washington seat in support of Mr. Trump in 2018. On the video call, Ms. Comstock confided to Florida representative Matt Getz – who went to rail against Ms. Cheney in Wyoming last week – describing her as “a joke.”

In a telephone interview, Ms. Comstock warned that deporting Ms. Cheney would lead to a “horrifying message” and “further bleeding into the suburbs.”

For now, the immediate problem facing House Republicans was how they would vote on the Democrats’ proposal on Thursday.

With the Democrats in control of the House, the measure is certain to pass. But the vote would force Republicans to go on record for the first time whether Ms. Green should be punished for her previous comments, and force her to raise head on the conspiracies that Mr. Trump allowed to flourish Was, and fed some affairs, while he was in the White House. Mr. Trump often considered such principles Said QAnon Followers “love our country.” But Ms. Green has been more articulate in her embrace and in support of violence against Democrats.

Mr. McCarthy had tried to dissuade his members from taking such a vote, and Maryland’s Representative, No. 2 House Democrat Staney H., by phone on Wednesday, tried to reach a compromise. Talked to Hoyer. Mr. McCarthy later told reporters that he had offered to remove Ms. Green from the education and budget committees and put her on a panel overseeing small businesses. Mr. Hoyer declined the proposal, stating that Ms. Green should not sit on any committees.

Jurists will vote A resolution On Thursday, Ms. Green was removed from her committees, citing only the “conduct she has displayed”. When expelling a Member of Parliament from the Chamber, a two-thirds vote is required, a simple majority is required to withhold or set aside one of the committee’s functions according to the rules of the House.

Some Republicans are now arguing that voting in favor of the proposal would set a dangerous precedent because it would effectively allow the majority party to determine which lawmakers in the minority party are fit to serve on committees, To pursue an important pipeline law for members. The functions of the committee have traditionally been the prerogative of party leaders.

Others argue that members of Congress should not face punishment for remarks made before their election. But Democrats said they were comfortable setting a new set of rules that would make statements like Ms. Green disappear from committees.

“One member of this House is calling the killings – this is the new precedent,” said Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts and chairman of the Rules Committee. “If that’s the standard we remove people from committees, I’m fine with that.”

Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, the top Republican on the rules panel, did not try to excuse Ms. Green’s comments, calling her “deeply aggressive,” “disgusting” and “unsatisfactory of any member of Congress.” But he argued that a bipartisan group of lawmakers should be presented to the Ethics Committee to review the matter.

Mr Cole said “I worry a lot about choosing another party”.

The outcry surrounding Ms. Green has affected Ms. Cheney’s political fate, which was expected to be at the center of the Republican convention’s internal drama this week. Instead, most of the fights center on Georgia’s freshman, and establishment Republicans have rallied in Ms. Cheney’s favor, arguing that it will send a frightening message to the party about whether lawmakers should vote for her conscience and Cheney was to be punished for defaming him. Mr. Trump, but not Ms. Green for supporting hate speech, misinformation and violence.

But the attention that Ms. Green is attracting is a political boon for her. Ms. Green has embarked on a fund-raising campaign, capturing efforts to boot her committees, claiming that Democrats are unfairly targeting her for her beliefs. She said the effort netted her more than $ 160,000 a day.



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