Top military officials predict Taliban-Pakistan ties will further complicate

US Central Command leader General Frank McKenzie and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said they predict relations between Pakistan and the Taliban will become more complicated now that the Taliban are in control of Afghanistan.

“I believe that Pakistan’s relationship with the Taliban is going to become more complicated as a result of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan,” McKenzie told lawmakers on the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

McKenzie said talks are on with Pakistan to use the crucial air corridor to reach Afghanistan.

“Over the past 20 years we’ve been able to use Air Boulevard to get into West Pakistan and it’s become something that’s important to us, as well as some landlines of communication, and we’ll work with that in the coming years.” In days and weeks Pakistanis will have to see what this relationship is going to look like in the future,” he said.

Both Milley and McKenzie declined to discuss whether they were concerned about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and the possibility of it falling into the hands of terrorists, noting that in the closed session on Tuesday afternoon they talked about a number of things. could.

McKenzie said it “has yet to be seen” whether terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS will use Afghanistan as a launchpad.

“We’re still looking at how Al Qaeda and ISIS are configuring themselves against the Taliban, we’re still looking at what the Taliban is going to do, so I think it is, I wouldn’t say that. I am confident that this will continue on the ground as of now, we can reach that stage but I don’t have that level of confidence yet,” he said.


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