Trump’s impeachment lawyers followed the Trump playbook.

Trump’s impeachment lawyers followed the Trump playbook.

Donald J. New members of Trump’s legal team enter center Impeachment test Friday and gave exactly what he had always wanted from his lawyers: not exact, learned legal arguments but public combat, in this case, including twisted facts, history rewritten and attacks on opponents.

After Initially stumbling in his first round of arguments On Tuesday, the latest team – either seventh or eighth to defend Mr. Trump since he became president, relies on your math – after the playbook that Mr. Trump has long wanted his lawyers to follow.

He railed his complaints more aggressively, about arguments that did not try to spoil his behavior in comparison with the other side. Democrats found her performance to be blatantly misleading, but it potentially provided a vast majority of Republicans in the Senate, allowing them to blame Mr. Trump with points they used to justify their votes. can do.

One of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, Michael T. Following the “hypocrisy”, van der Veen said, he said a several-minute-long clip of prominent Democrats and media commentators using language such as “fighting” in an attempt to show Trump. Prior to the January 6 riots, the words themselves could not have played any role in inciting violence.

“The reality is, Mr. Trump was not in any way, shape or form instructing these people to fight or use physical violence,” Mr. van der Veen said. “What he was instructing them to do was to challenge their opponents in the primary elections to hold the big officials accountable, to pursue election reforms.”

By the end of the day on Friday, Mr. van der Veen, a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, had emerged as Mr. Trump’s primary defender, questioning senators, making a series of false and outmoded claims, to impeach. “Constitutional cancellation culture” as the version and proclaiming that Friday’s proceedings were his “most pathetic” experience in Washington.

Representative Jamie Ruskin, A Democrat from Maryland and manager of the Lead House impeachment, replied, “I think we’re sorry, but man, you were supposed to be here on January 6.”



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