Turning to Ovid in the Moment of Transition

Ovid’s “Allegory” Has served as inspiration for visual artists for hundreds of years and in 2020 It felt relevant as ever. It was the first book I read when I was in my apartment at the peak of the pandemic. Ovid’s cast of human and animal characters are at the mercy of the Capricorn gods who constantly transform themselves and everything around them into different forms. These changes are both beautiful and terrifying, violent and calm – the blurring of the boundaries between humans, nature, and forces more powerful than ourselves. . What inspired me the most about “The Metamorphosis” (I read David Raeburn’s classic translation) How vivid and visual these stories are, and how Ovid captures human desperation and fragility. In creating these images I wanted to contemplate the idea of ​​becoming something else. Ovid’s physical and emotional landscapes are constantly changing. I wanted to imagine the emotions we are going through as we begin to change back to our normal lives, reconnecting with ourselves and with nature.

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