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Two nations tremble under Kovid’s attack


The grief of the families reflects the tragedy unfolding in India – now at the furore of the global pandemic – Jessie Yeung, Clarissa Ward and Rishab Pratap report. India is seeing more cases per day than any other country has seen – pushing the global number of infections to over 150 million.
Anger is growing against the leaders of India, who are accused of failing to mitigate the second wave of the disease. A spokesperson of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Said that is the responsibility For the government “first and foremost”, the situation could not be clearer. Due to shortage of raw materials and high demand, India’s waste comes from lack of a vaccine.
The regional health body says similar problems are being seen in Latin America, where new variants are helping to increase cases across the region. Slow vaccination rollouts occur More jerky; And health systems are struggling with the influx of patients, many of them young. Vaccination Campaign in Brazil – one of the most affected countries in the US for a long time – is moving at a snail’s pace as the country crossed 400,000 Kovid-19 deaths on Thursday.
This is in contrast to strong vaccination programs in the United States and the United Kingdom. Despite increasing calls by rich countries to distribute surplus vaccines evenly, the UK health minister refused to send additional doses to India. “India can produce its own vaccine, which is based on British technology … which is the largest contribution we can effectively make to science.” Matt Hancock said.

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Q If I am young and healthy, why should I take the vaccine?

a: Vaccination is important for young, healthy adults. Many of those who refused have already paid a price. Here’s why:
  1. A highly contagious strain is hitting young adults hard. The B.1.1.7 version is now the most prominent strain spreading in the United States. And unlike the original tension, it is affecting young people heavily.
  2. Young adults may have long-term Kovid-19 complications. Many young, healthy people have turned to coronovirus.
  3. Young adults can be easy transmitters of coronaviruses. Several states recently reported spikes in young people with Kovid-19.
  4. Young adults may succumb to their strong immune system. Doctors have seen some young, already healthy patients suffering from the Kovid-19 cytokine storm. It basically occurs when someone’s immune system runs out – potentially severe inflammation or other serious symptoms.
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What’s important today

The weekly average of Kovid-19 deaths in the US is the lowest point in six months

A seven-day average of New Kovid-19 deaths in the United States hit the lowest mark since October 2020, a CNN analysis of Thursday’s data from Johns Hopkins University. As of Wednesday, there were 684 deaths, down about 80% since January. The decline is at least partly due to vaccination, Experts said.

Still, experts warn that to defeat the epidemic, more Americans need to be vaccinated, especially young people, some of whom are still hesitant or may think they need as much to fear the virus Is not.

The coup and Kovid’s double crises could push half of Myanmar’s population into poverty, the UN warns

According to a United Nations report, nearly half of Myanmar’s population could be forced into poverty by the end of the year as the bloody military coup and the double whammy of the Kovid-19 epidemic are on the verge of economic collapse. Helen Regan Report

Rising food costs, significant loss of income and wages, deterioration of basic services such as banking and health care, and an inadequate social safety net are likely to push millions of already vulnerable people below the poverty line – those women And the strongest shock among children.

US regulators will not release the AstraZeneca vaccine until they become safe and effective.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not release AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine for export to other countries until it is assured that the dosage has been manufactured to US quality standards and will be safe and effective. A government official told CNN on Thursday.

The White House said on Monday that it would give AstraZeneca vaccine supplements to other countries after a safety review of the FDA, Maggie Fox’s report. AstraZeneca is yet to apply for regulatory approval in the US, but the company is making tens of millions of doses in the hope that it will apply and eventually receive the green light.

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  • Thelma Sutcliffe became the oldest living person in America. At the age of 115, she wishes she could have dinner with her friend again, but cannot do so due to the Kovid-19 ban assisted living facility.
  • The spot’s top podcast host, Joe Rogan, doubled down on the controversy surrounding his remarks about what healthy young people should do Kovid vaccine not found.
  • When coronoviruses faced the world last spring, organ donation and transplant programs faced many uncertainties. This complicated the plight of three siblings whose race was to be discovered. Organ donors came at one time.
  • Opinion: The lessons of Kovid 19, particularly the extraordinary pace of vaccine development, are critical to crushing the world’s most brutal infectious diseases: Such as tuberculosis.

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“As the epidemic has gone into a different phase in this country, we are also transitioning …” – Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent

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In today’s podcast, Gupta says goodbye to the podcast, and introduces us to a new series for the next chapter in this epidemic. Hey now.


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