Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Two US Capitol police officers sued Trump and said he should be held responsible for the January 6 attack

Officers – the first police to go on trial in court after the riots – say they suffered physical and emotional damage as Trump “instigated, encouraged, instigated (and) directed” the violent mob that allegedly incited the Capitol .

Capitol Police Officers James Blessingham and Sidney Hemby, who have been with the force for a combined 28 years, said they were injured during the attack. Hebby was “crushed against the Capitol’s door,” sprayed with chemicals “and bleeding from his face, the lawsuit says.” Blassingame claims he was slammed against a stone pillar, causing injuries to his head and back.

Each officer is seeking at least $ 75,000 in damages. He accuses Trump of aiding and abetting his insults and instructing his supporters to beat him up, according to his new complaint.

Trump has not yet responded to the lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in Washington, DC. He has previously denied any responsibility for the violent attack and Falsely claimed last week That the rioters posed “zero threat” and were “hug and kiss the police” at the Capitol.

Trump’s representatives did not respond immediately to CNN’s request for comment on Tuesday night. The US Capitol Police did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Blassingame and Hemby’s lawsuit also describes the sheer terror the authorities felt inside the Capitol, while they were largely unleashed by a mob of armed pro-Trump. The lawsuit states that Blassingame now suffers from depression and that the “severe emotional toll … continues to manifest itself.”

The lawsuit states that “the memory of the attack is attacked, and the sensory effects – the ghost, sound, smell and even the taste of the attack remain close to the surface.” “He experiences the guilt of being unable to help his allies who were being attacked together, and to survive where other allies did not.”

The lawsuit also claimed that during the entire attack, Blessingham was called a racial slur “he stated that the racial slurry had been lost several times.”

This is the third major civil lawsuit attributed to Trump, after two prominent Democratic lawmakers filed a lawsuit against Trump and others, attempting to hold the president and other speakers accountable for his words and the actions of his supporters. is. The lawsuits are all in their early stages, and Trump’s lawyers have not yet responded in court.

The Justice Department has said that dozens of police officers were hurt during the violence and were running criminal cases against several rioters.


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