Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ucino coach Geno Auriemma test positive for coronovirus

Connecticut women’s basketball coach, Geno Auriemma, tested positive for the university’s coronavirus on Sunday Announced On Monday, the NCAA selected and placed teams in the women’s national basketball tournament.

Aurimma said in a university statement, “I am feeling good but I will stay away from the team for the next several days.”

UConn is estimated to be one of Top seed In the national tournament, he was expected to travel to San Antonio on Tuesday morning, where every round of the competition is being held due to coronovirus concerns. The Hawkeyes will leave without Aurimma, who is expected to rejoin him on March 24, the next day of his 67th birthday.

Under Auriemma, UConn, while dominating women’s college basketball, won 11 NCAA Division I titles, more than any other team.

Director of sports medicine and team head Dina Cassio said the contact tracing protocol found that since March 11, no other team member had been in sufficient contact with Oremma since March 12, who needed quarantine.

“Given the fact that we have been testing daily for the past seven days, we feel confident that we were able to catch it very early in the disease process,” Cassiero said in a UCNO statement.

The university has not experienced symptoms and is isolated at home, and on March 10 received its second dose of the coronovirus vaccine.

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