Wednesday, April 14, 2021

UK government suggests pilots to get out of lockdown for Kovid-19 passport

As the country reopens, ministers hope the “covid-status certification” system will allow those who have recently been tested negative to return to theaters, football matches, theaters and other events for six Tested positive within a month.

Many countries think in one form or the other Kovid-19 Status Verification There is a viable way to make it quick and easy for individuals to attend events or board flights, but critics worry that the passport will harm fundamental freedoms and risk discrimination.
UK pilot, which will be discussed in detail on Monday Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Will test the effectiveness and broadcasting risks of the government’s reopening scheme and will begin on 16 April at Liverpool’s Hot Water Comedy Club. Other events and venues listed for April are the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield, the FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley Stadium in London and the Luna Cinema in Liverpool.

“We have made tremendous progress in the last few months with our vaccine program and everyone in the country has made a huge sacrifice to reach this stage in our recovery from Kovid-19,” Johnson said in a statement on Saturday. “We’re doing everything so that we can be able to reopen our country, so that people can return to the events, travel and other things that they like as safely as possible, and these reviews are important in allowing this to happen Will play the role. “

The National Health Service is developing paper and digital methods to prove Kovid-19 status to citizens. The government insisted that Passport There will be no need to travel on public transport or enter essential shops.
This week, more than 70 lawmakers joined civil liberties groups such as Big Brother Watch to launch a campaign railing against the proposed use of documents, allowing people to access certain domestic locations. Signatures of senior politicians such as former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey a statement Which states that the vaccine passport is “divisive and discriminatory.”

Dewey in a tweet on Friday described the passport as “illegal and unworkable”.

“Work is underway with clinical and ethical experts to ensure fair remission for people and a repeat test will be difficult,” the government said in Saturday’s statement.

A tourism minister said that the certification on Sunday was “a tool” that the government is “helping us to return to the things we love.”

“We are very aware and aware of the ethical considerations surrounding vaccination certification,” Nigel Huddleston told CNN affiliate NHN. “The main purpose of looking at this option is to see how it can enable us to open up, return the things we want to do quickly … A lot of businesses tell me that is one thing, but we really have to I am able to profitably open to what we want and as long as social disturbances are around, then it causes real challenges so that we can reopen as viable businesses. “

International travel from the UK is prohibited until 17 May, but after that date the government will implement a “traffic light” system. Passengers coming from “Green” countries will not have to be segregated while those coming from “Red” or “Amber” will be confined to the currently mandatory quarantine policies.

The American Civil Liberties Union Said this week The plan to roll out a standardized vaccine passport should be for social inequalities and privacy rights and nothing is a “non-starter”. Many organizations and tech companies Already started developing smartphone apps And other digital systems for storing and verifying vaccination information.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signed an executive order on friday Restrictions on use of Kovid-19 passports in the state. This order prohibits any government institution from issuing a vaccine passport and blocks businesses from requiring any such documents.

Robert Ididiols, Kelly Murray, Gregory Lemos and Ala Ilassar contributed to this report.


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