Thursday, May 6, 2021

UK hits Kovid vaccination target, PM praises offer of “priceless” safety vaccine

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro speaks at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil on 31 March. Mateus Bononi / Getty Image

Brazilian President Jair Bolonsaro asked a senator to expand a parliamentary inquiry to deal with the federal government of the Kovid-19 epidemic to include mayors and governors, according to a recording of the conversation.

Sen. Jorge Kajaru published a recording of his conversation with Bolsonaro on social media, which was condemned by Bolsonaro on Monday. Bolsonaro said that he does not know that he is being recorded, and called to release the entire conversation, which Kajaru did.

Phone call: In the recording, Bolsonaro said that if the investigation is not expanded, only the federal government and its partners will be investigated.

“If the scope doesn’t change, the investigation will simply examine Pazuelo, examine our people, make a filthy report. You have to make lemonade out of lemons. For now, there’s only one lemon out there,” Bolsonaro said . Referring to Senator, former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo.

Throughout the recording, Bolsonaro also reprimanded opposition leader Sen. Randolph Rodrigues, calling him “punk” and saying that if the commission did not change the scope, he would “have to kick his ass.”

Investigation: Last week, Supreme Court Judge Luis Roberto Barroso ordered the opening of a parliamentary inquiry by the Brazilian Senate on the actions of the federal government on handling the epidemic.

The investigation will likely investigate Bolsonaro and other federal, state and local leaders because of the lapse that caused the hospital system to collapse at the beginning of the year. Many Kovid-19 patients Allegedly He died in the city of Manaus due to lack of oxygen.

The court is expected to vote Wednesday on Barso’s order.


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