UN in Ethiopia’s Tigre region faces food shortage as 400,000 people face famine

The agency confirmed that no food trucks have been allowed in the area for two weeks.

He told CNN in a statement that 100 trucks needed to arrive every day to meet “huge humanitarian needs in the region” and that the shortage “left 400,000 people on the brink of famine.”

This situation has come after a week from the army. Ethiopia’s Northern Tigre Region Escalating attacks in the neighboring Afar region, a move that marked the expansion of the eight-month-old conflict into a previously untouched region.

WFP executive director David Beasley warned earlier this week that 170 trucks carrying food and resources for the Tigre were stuck in Afar and were stopped from leaving. “These trucks should be allowed to run now. People are starving,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Last week, the UN Secretary-General’s deputy spokesman said the roads between Afar and Tigre via the city of Semera “are blocked for security reasons,” preventing entry of humanitarian personnel, food stores, fuel and other humanitarian goods.

Thousands have died in the Tigre conflict, nearly two million have been forced to flee their homes and more than five million are dependent on emergency food aid.

And the situation is getting worse as the fight continues. UNICEF estimated on Friday that more than 100,000 children in Tigre could suffer severe malnutrition next year, ten times higher than the average annual figure.

“Our worst fears about the health and well-being of children in that disputed region of northern Ethiopia are being confirmed,” UNICEF spokeswoman Marixie Mercado said after the aid organization had reached those areas of Tigre. which were previously inaccessible due to insecurity.

“This malnutrition crisis is taking place amid widespread, systematic damage to the food, health, nutrition, water and sanitation systems and services on which children and their families depend for their survival,” Mercado said. “Massive humanitarian aid is needed to reverse the nutrition, health, water and food security disaster.”

A communications blackout in the region has made it difficult to determine the situation in Tigre and its capital, Mekele, in recent months. But CNN reported earlier this month that Food shortage was rampant in MekeleAnd most of the houses did not have access to running water.
Tigre conflict has been raging since November when fighting broke out between the region’s ruling Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Ethiopian military. CNN has previously explained how Eritrean soldiers killed, raped and blocked humanitarian aid The country’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning leader promised the international community he would leave, more than a month later for a starving population.


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