Sunday, May 9, 2021

Union loss could bring new phase of campaign against Amazon

“Everywhere they tried, they were defeated,” Nelson Lichtenstein, a labor historian at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said of the unions. “Walmart will send shops to swamp to work against a union. They are good at it. “

As with Walmart, labor leaders believed it was important to gain a foothold on Amazon, which affects payments and working conditions for millions of workers, thanks to competitive pressures, which grocery Puts on goods and industries such as rivals. Fashion.

But the labor movement’s failure to encroach at Walmart, despite millions of dollars of investment, has put an end to its thinking on Amazon. Ruth Milkman, a sociologist for labor at the Graduate Center in New York City, said, “They got very burned out trying to organize a Walmart and basically get anywhere.”

It was only a relatively small, scary union, retail, wholesale and department store union that felt the election in Alabama was worth the big investment. As votes kept increasing, Union President Stuart Appelbaum, Held responsible Unilateral consequences for a “broken” election system in favor of employers.

Amazon saw things differently. “It is easy to say that the union will say that Amazon won this election because we scared the employees, but it is not true,” the company said in a Statement. “Our employees made the choice to vote against joining a union. Our employees are the heart and soul of Amazon, and we have always worked hard to listen to them. “

Yet since elections have often proved fruitless, Labor has enjoyed some success over the years with an alternative model – which Dr. Milkman has called it “air war plus ground war”.

The idea is to combine workplace actions such as walkouts (ground war) with pressures on company executives to work through public relations campaigns that highlight labor conditions and support public figures (air war) Lists. Service Employees International Union used strategy to organize watchmen Beginning in 1980s, And wage increases across the industry, to win benefits for fast-food workers over the years.

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