US hurdles stars battle it out for gold on Day 12.

Dramatic collisions are set on the track.

The women’s 400m hurdles has the potential to achieve gold and silver for two American sprinters Sidney McLaughlin, world record holder and 2016 Olympic champion Delilah Muhammad. Their race will begin in Tokyo at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The Tokyo evening and the US morning brought in bids for the men’s 200 more gold medals from American Noah Lyles. One of his rivals: 17-year-old American Ariane Knighton.

Team events are now heading towards the fast end, with one-on-one games in every game.

The US women’s volleyball and basketball teams won their respective groups in the quarter-finals of Do or Die on Wednesday. The volleyball team will face the Dominican Republic at 1 p.m. in East Tokyo at midnight. The basketball team meets Australia 40 minutes later.

No one lifts more than a men’s super heavyweight — 500 pounds or more. And the strongest of the strongest in these games is likely to be Lasha Talkhadze, the defending champion of Georgia.

Open-water marathon swimming begins with the women’s event. Women’s golf begins, and the women’s park skateboard competition begins.

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