Vanguard will pay $1,000 to vaccination workers

Incentives show how aggressively some companies are moving encourage workers to vaccinate As Concerns about the Delta version Mt. About 16,500 U.S. employees of Vanguard are eligible and must show proof of vaccination by October 1.

Vanguard spokesman Charles Kurtz said in a statement, “Vanguard believes that vaccines are the best way to prevent the spread of this virus and strongly encourages crews to get vaccinated.” “As such, we are offering a vaccine incentive for crew providing proof of COVID-19 vaccination.”

Vanguard confirms $1,000 figure, first reported by bloomberg news, and said the incentive is designed to recognize employees who “take the time to protect themselves, each other, and our communities by getting vaccinated.”

The move comes as several major companies have stepped up their efforts to boost vaccination rates.

Microsoft (msft), Facebook (American Plan) And Google (Google) All have announced in recent days Vaccine requirements for employees Returning to campuses and offices. And Tyson Foods (TSN)One of the world’s largest food companies said on Tuesday that All office and plant workers should be vaccinated.
Vanguard, which handles more than $7 trillion globally, also joins heaps of other companies Those who have offered incentives to get a jab – even if they are more polite.
for example, kroger (KR) Employees will receive a one-time payment of $100 upon showing proof of vaccination. McDonald’s (Delhi Municipal Corporation) Corporate employees are eligible for up to four hours of paid time off. Vaccinated workers at Bolthouse Farms can receive a $500 bonus.


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