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Video shows Colorado police officers laughing at body camera footage of violent arrest of 73-year-old woman

According to an amended lawsuit filed Sunday, Karen Garner, who has dementia, was arrested with items worth $ 13.88 for exiting a Walmart in Loveland, Colorado. Police were called and the arrest left Garner with multiple injuries, including a broken humerus, a dislocated shoulder and a sprained wrist, according to the lawsuit.

Loveland is about 50 miles north of Denver.

The revised lawsuit names the city of Loveland and five officers as defendants. The initial lawsuit was filed on 14 April. CNN obtained body camera footage of the arrest from Garner’s attorney Sarah Shilke’s office.

The amended lawsuit also includes a video showing three officers – Austin Hope, Daria Jalali and Tyler Blackett, named in the lawsuit – laughing as they begin watching body camera footage of Garner’s arrest .

The family released a statement on Tuesday stating that they were devastated because Garner is a “human” who was treated by Loveland police like an “animal”.

“We are physically ill. We are angry. There is no pain in our heart,” the statement said. “Once he was clearly independent, happy, carefree and a great lover of the outdoors, he is now fearful, disbelieving, recurring.”

Shilke said in a press release that “there is substantial investigation. The police have known about this for 10 months and the videos speak for themselves. It is time for action.”

CNN has contacted the Loveland Police Officers Association for comments regarding the initial incident as well as the amended complaint and additional video footage from the police station, but received no response on Monday night or Tuesday. It is unclear whether Hope has a lawyer and attempts to reach Jalali and Blackett were unsuccessful.

Loveland Police spokesman Tom Hacker issued a statement to CNN saying, “All cases involving the arrest of Loveland resident Karen Garner in June 2020 are subject to a criminal investigation, ordered by the 8th Judicial District Attorney and Fortis ( Colorado) is operated by the police. Services. “

Hacker said, “The Loveland Police Department’s independent comment will not be appropriate at this time. LPD is confident in the process that this investigation allows.”

Officials say body camera footage is ‘like live TV’

Footage of the newly released video was shot in the booking area of ​​the Loveland Police Department shortly after Garner’s arrest last June.

Hope asks Jalali to clench her fist when asked how the arrest came.

“I thought it did very well,” Hop says, “I think we crushed it.”

Later in the video, as officers begin to watch, Jalali, who assisted in the arrest, says the body camera footage is “like live TV.”

Blackt replied, “Bodycam Show,” as someone giggles.

Jalali says, “Bodyguards are my favorite thing.

But as the three of them kept watching, it appears that Jalali has become uncomfortable with the video.

“Can you stop it now?” He asked.

“What?” Hope asks.

According to the YouTube transcription of the video, Hope then asks, “Are you ready to pop?” As Jalali covers her ear.

“Heard Pop?” Hope asks.

Loveland, Colorado, police see body camera footage of the arrest of Officer Karen Garner.

Pop refers to something in the video, but it is not clear what that is.

“I hate it,” says Jalali.

“That’s great,” Hope replied.

“I hate it,” says Jalali.

“I love it,” Hop fires back.

Schielke said watching the video and seeing the conversation around it was because Garner was 10 feet away in a cell. She stayed in that cell for two and a half hours, the trial continued, until she was taken to the hospital.

“For the 6 hours that Ms. Garner was held in custody by Loveland and Jail, despite numerous jokes about her being disabled and mentally unfit, no one could locate or help Ms. Garner’s carer, consolation Did not attempt to, de-escalate her., Or alert her loved ones to her terrible condition, ”Sue said.

Hope is placed on administrative leave and Jalali is reappointed.

The District Attorney’s Office will review the incident

Colorado’s 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office Said last week It has requested a review of the incident. The investigation will be led by Fort Collins Police Services.

“The statements on the video are very relatable,” said District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin. “I will consider those statements – with all relevant evidence compiled by the (Critical Incident Response Team) in making a charging decision.”

McLaughlin says there is no time limit set for completing the investigation, but it is his office’s priority.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado and other agencies, including the FBI, will assist in the investigation A statement from McLaughlin’s office.


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