Monday, June 21, 2021

Video: ‘Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse’ | Anatomy of a Scene

I am a Stefano Solima and I am a director without regrets. The sequence comes after the film’s midpoint, when the team is about to parachute in its place. His plane was shot down and crashed into the sea. What was important to me was Kelly’s, played by Michael B. Jordan of Psychology in such an extreme situation. I wanted to have an intimate relationship with the protagonist. So I decided to shoot the entire crash, mainly from the point of view of Kelly, Michael, only briefly showing the scene outside the plane. The audience needed to be reminded of his determination to take revenge. He has to bring the gear back to finish the mission. And to practically shoot this sequence, we bought an actual aircraft, which we cut into pieces. And then we divided the accident sequences into four parts. First there was an accident at sea. Outside the cockpit we built this slide that would release tons of water. And the other part was rotation. The first class was half-finished in a huge tank, and around it we built a rotating system with pistons and motors. This way the entire cast could move while the plane rotated. And the third part was the mechanism that breaks the plane in half. This massive metal rig splits a portion of the corridor and then dips it into the tank. At this point, Kelly either ends the mission or gets the gear. And this is the fourth and final part. Kelly dives into the sinking tail of the plane and uses an air pocket to get the oxygen she needs. And all this was also done by Michael. He trained for months to be able to hold his breath for long periods of time while swimming and in full gear. And this entire cargo is built on the breath of Sean Kelly. The rhythm, the music, the cuts, are all set when Michael will need to get the air. I tried these shots on Kelly to hold her breath as long as possible, in fact the audience is feeling her struggle. We need air like it needs air. Every time Kelly’s body loses oxygen, high strings creep all the time. And this sound comes out when he refills his lungs. But is it too late. And we have wires for the last time, the metal sound that starts compressing. And we feel his struggle. And then he grabs the last and most important tool. And finally he reaches the surface, and in the end, like Kelly we are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.


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