Vietnam says it has detected a new coronavirus virus as cases grow


“A new coronavirus version with features of existing Indian and UK variants was first detected in Vietnam,” Vietnam’s Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said at a national news conference on Saturday.

Southeast Asian Countries Was held as a prime example The aggressive strategy of early screening of passengers at airports and a strict quarantine and surveillance program have helped control the virus.

But since late April, Vietnam has reported a sharp increase in Kovid-19 cases. According to Johns Hopkins University data, there were about 6,396 confirmed infections reported last month alone.

It is unclear whether the suspected new type is behind the sudden increase in infection. If so, it may suggest that it is more permeable.

The health minister said, “The fourth wave of Kovid-19 in Vietnam included infections in industrial areas, multiple sources of infection and the presence of various coronavirus variants. It would spread very rapidly and would be very difficult to control.”

The World Health Organization said on Saturday that its Virus Evolution Working Group was working with officials in Vietnam to confirm a possible new coronavirus version as four people were confirmed to be infected with a suspected new strain.

“We have not yet assessed the virus version reported in Vietnam. We expect more variants to be detected as the virus spreads and develops and increases worldwide sequencing capability,” Kovid-19 WHO’s technical lead for Maria said. Van Kerkhov said in a statement.

“From what we understand, the type they have detected is probably the B.1.617.2 version with an additional mutation, although we will provide more information as soon as we get it.”

The B.1.617.2 variant was first discovered in India, where officials have stated this and other variants have driven the country’s spike in Kovid-19 cases.

British health authorities earlier this month upgraded B.1.617.2 to a type of concern due to its rapid spread in the UK.

New restrictions on increasing cases

On Sunday, the government announced social distance restrictions for Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s largest and most populous urban area. accordingly To the Reuters news agency.

New measures for two weeks from Monday include the closure of non-essential services, such as shops and restaurants, and postpone religious activities.

Ho Chi Minh City has seen an increase in cases related to a religious mission, which has recorded at least 125 positive tests, which account for most of the city’s infections, Reuters Reported, Citing a government statement.
Beyond India, a growing number of Asian countries are devastated by fresh coronavirus waves

According to Reuters, public ceremonies of more than 10 people have also been banned, and the city is considering halving that number.

Last week, Vietnam widened the lockdown measures in its industrialized north, when the country saw its biggest jump in Kovid-19 cases, driven by groups in factory areas in Bek Ninh and Bek Giang provinces, Reuters Reported.

The outbreak has spread to more than 30 of Vietnam’s 63 cities and provinces, including the capital Hanoi, which has closed restaurants and banned public ceremonies.

According to JHU data, in a country of more than 96 million people, fewer than 30,000 – 0.03% – have been vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health is working to secure 10 million vaccine doses under the COVAX cost-sharing scheme, along with 20 million Pfizer vaccines and 40 million doses of Russia’s Sputnik V, accordingly To Reuters

Vietnam has received 2.9 million doses so far and aims to secure 150 million this year, Reuters reported.


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