Watch Michael B. Jordan Survive a Plane Crash in ‘Without Regrets’


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A crashed plane, the thriller “Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse” features the setting of a centralized action sequence, which tells the origin story of the novelist’s popular character, John Clarke.

in film (Streaming on amazon), The character is initially known as John Kelly and played by Michael B. Jordan. A Navy SEAL whose wife was killed by Russian assassins, Kelly is on a mission to track down the killer.

While the mission is proceeding, an aircraft carrying Kelly and his team is shot down by the Russian Air Force and falls into the sea. The aircraft breaks down in half and Celie has a sinking supply to the depths of the water for her mission. Narrating the scene, director Stefano Solima explains the many moving parts that had to come together to pull the piece off this elaborate set, all the while following Kelly.

The filmmaker and his crew used an actual aircraft that could be cut into pieces and filled with water. A part of the set was built inside a rotating mechanism that would change to keep the action unmatched.

And for the part of the scene where the plane is fully submerged, Jordan trained for months to hold his breath for long intervals and perform underwater action.

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