Watch Valerie Bertinelli’s ravishing response to the troll who commented on her weight

the actress took instagram With a powerful response to a follower who commented on her weight.

“If I could lose the weight and keep it off, but since I haven’t been successful my whole life, at 61, I’d still be dealing with it.”

“Where’s the compassion?” she added. “No f—ing helpful.”

Along with the video, she wrote: “Aren’t we tired of body shaming women yet?! smh. I was going to delete my sayings because it’s a little embarrassing and scary to be so vulnerable. But then I realized it would make it worse.” Was killing. ‘Good’ nerve with so many of you who were too sweet to DM and share your same vulnerability and struggle. We could all use a little more kindness and patience and grace, because we never Know what someone else is doing. So here it is. Not deleting. It’s owned.”

Bertinelli’s son, whom she shares with the late Eddie Van HelenaCommenting on her post, Wolfgang Van Halen wrote, “You are perfect as you are, mom. I love you. (For no particular reason, what was that f—ers @ that’s why I was them with memes) can bother)?)”

Demi Lovato also showed affection, writing, “I love you. You said yourself, you already have enough and whoever said it is hurting.. or not showing enough compassion in their life. I’m sorry is that you had to deal. w it. Always here for you.”

Haley Duff came up with some advice. “You are gorgeous and proud! An inspiration to women everywhere stop that hatred,” she wrote.

One commenter said she was inspired.

“This video is everything. Beautiful Valerie, you inspire, you encourage, and you make people feel like everything is good and right. You’ve done it all your life. You win,” they wrote.


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