Weddings are a big hit in 2020. Enter the micro-wedding.

rocket science program, founded in 2010 in Minneapolis, specializes in elaborate, imaginatively designed weddings held in non-traditional venues such as an airplane hangar or boxing gym. In early 2020, its founder, Gretchen Culver, had three part-time employees, some working independent contractors, and revenues were estimated to be slightly less than $500,000. Then, the lockdown affected Minnesota.

“It was terrible for us,” she said. “All my weddings were postponed and I waived the fee for changing the date. This means, essentially, zero revenue for Rocket Science in 2020 and most in 2021. “

However, a few years before the pandemic, Ms. Culver began to notice that the number of guests at many weddings was declining. Instead of 200 to 300 people at weddings, many clients wanted 100 or fewer. “I could sense that priorities were changing,” she said. “In the back of my head I was wondering if there was a way to make small weddings, with a small budget, work for my business.”

The pandemic provided him with an opportunity to find out. She consulted a planner in Birmingham, Ala., performing several micro weddings a day, and that conversation sparked a light-bulb moment for Ms. Culver. He created a separate business, small weddings, which offers highly stylish, all-inclusive wedding packages on Sundays.

Multiple time slots are available on each date for a 90-minute wedding that can accommodate up to 32 guests. Package includes venue, rentals, decorations, digital invitation, flowers, photos, videography, cake, sparkling wine and an official; Prices range from $5,000 to $7,000. Couples booking the last slot on a particular day can pay to extend the wedding to three and a half hours and add extras such as special dances, speeches and more food. Everything is done through the website; In most cases, Ms. Culver does not even meet the couple until the day of the wedding.

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