Week in Business: Time to buy (or sell) a house?


good morning. Have you received your vaccine yet? The Biden administration is offering tax rebates to companies that pay their employees time to take their shots. Here’s what else you need to know in business and technology for the week ahead. – Charlotte Cowles

On Earth Day, President Biden hosts a virtual climate summit Guest list Who is in the world power – Pope, Bill Gates and Chinese President Xi Jinping. He put forward A high flying target For the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, setting the bar for other leaders to follow suit. The plan is aggressive in scope, but unclear on the specifics. Climate experts say this will be needed Big change In many sectors of the country’s economy – according to some critics, too harsh. Think of a rapid transition to electric cars, the end of coal-fueled power plants, and the vast expansion of wind turbine energy.

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, who is stepping down from his role as the company’s chief executive next quarter, addressed some of the elephants in the room in his latest (and final?). Shareholder letter. Such as: Amazon workers in Alabama recently rejected a major campaign to form a union, yet he thinks “we need to do a better job for our employees.” He also said that workers get bathroom breaks whenever they want (ie they don’t have to pee in bottles, unlike what you can read on Twitter). Anyway, what else is new on Amazon? The company is Developing a furniture assembly service To compete with household goods e-commerce giant Wayfarer for one thing. Oh and Hair salon opening In London where you can preview hairdos before trying them out in real life.

The housing market is growing, but when will it reach its peak? According to Google, the search terms “I should buy a house” and “sell my house” have trended to record highs in recent months. (Same with “When the housing market is crashing.”) And it doesn’t take much to see. The epidemic sent people to live comfortably, work and seek more space for parents, and rock-bottom interest rates made mortgages more attractive. But strong demand and tight inventories have pushed House prices go up by about 16 percent Ever since the epidemic started. Analysts believe the market will remain strong, at least until the end of the year.

Apple launched its latest products and software last week, including new computer colors – Mustard-Yellow Desktop Monitor, Anyone? As expected, it also revealed AirTag, a $ 29 disc attached to keys, purses and other items to track them if lost. But was slipped with lazy stuff New privacy software This will make it harder for advertisers to monitor people. This feature will require apps before users can get explicit permission – sorry, to keep track – Their digital behavior. If people decline, companies that rely on digital advertising (e.g., say, Facebook) are expected to gather less data about users’ activity.

Mr. Biden launches a new plan Raise taxes on the rich Reducing costs for child care and education. The proposals have promised to increase taxes on corporations and the rich with their campaign, but not on families earning less than $ 400,000. Still, Wall Street was not happy about it, and the stock market Fell after his announcement. Mr. Biden is expected to defend his views when Gives his first address At the joint session of Congress on Wednesday.

The tobacco industry has heavily marketed menthol cigarettes for decades, particularly to black communities, and they are used by 85 percent of black smokers. (Because of their taste, menthol cigarettes are considered easy and difficult to give up.) As a result, Black Americans suffer the health consequences of addiction to menthol cigarettes. This Thursday, the US Food and Drug Administration Will answer the court order This forces the product to take a position to ban. But it is complicated. Some critics of the ban say it may have targeted the police more aggressively, with black Americans suspected of selling illegal cigarettes.

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