Sunday, May 9, 2021

What did Oscar say about films? Our critics puzzle it out.

In the streaming era, the answer is hard to find. But if movies are in existence, then at least there are still movie stars. It may be that the message given to him with great expectation was equally a hedge, a reminder, and a promise. We like these people, and we will be eager to see them again in better times.

Morris Boy, do I hope you’re right. But it was such a terrible night to show those people. It was a big debut with Regina King, in which an idol was raised, then charged, guided first by Soberberg’s motions and action preferences, then in deploying his honor to honor screenplay nominees. An upcoming attraction to follow the cork.

But after that debut, which promised so much fun and swagger and cinema, the show became … Oscar. But even less than usual, because after that airs, there wasn’t much television on display. Half-sarcasm was amazing for Kaluyya’s mother, and a glimpse of Chloe Zhao in the background of someone else close, back to her desk in the name of Best Director, still stunned, shaking her head in disbelief that, in fact, He was an Oscar-winning, fleeting attraction. I don’t know if the show wanted us to know about the academy or the movies. It felt defensive and desperate and violently abusive. No music performance! No comedian! No clip while doing any acting!

There was no option for anyone to stick around. When you tune in to watch a Super Bowl or a debate, you at least know what the stakes are. You have to understand someone’s statement. Last night was the night for some kind of MC to guide us in which direction to make the case for the rest. It used to be the biggest commercial Hollywood that could concoct itself. That kind of pride now seems embarrassing. It is for this reason that the industry, courtesy of this show, has a lot to reconsider who is doing both in the C-suite and among craft defenders. But this is also because this industry keeps on moving on its own.

I mean, this week is eight years Steven Soderbergh, in a keynote speech At the San Francisco International Film Festival, the death knell of the films was minimal, as he saw it. And he is proving himself to be overly suited to use his word, whatever it is for cinema, after being helped to perform the custodial work of the academy last night, being built – or being commissioned. Can i overcome this? When we talk of any of these distinctions, don’t we make a comeback? Should one be Steven Soderbergh, one of our greatest filmmakers and the fastest thinker about film as a philosophy, just a pleasure to do the job at this point?

Scott But what, exactly, is the size of that crisis? Whatever prejudices and blind spots we have for our jobs, you and I are the people who like movies. In the 14 months since the last time we did this, I have liked a lot of films, including a handful of them – “Ghumantu,” “Minari,” “Judas and Kala Messiah” – that had some idols. They are not just good movies; They are also films that hold a lot of promise for the future of art, whether audiences see them on the big screen or small.

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