Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What it does to protect the world’s most endangered zebra

This subset is the largest of the three zebra species found in Africa, and can be identified by white vines, round ears, and brown mastications.

But due to hunting and land degradation, they also become the most endangered zebra by continent, according to African Wildlife Foundation. There are roughly 2,000 gravy zebras present in the wild today.

It is home to 90% of Kenya’s remaining wild population, says Funnel, program manager of the Gravies Zebra Trust (GZT) in the Samburu region of northern Kenya. He lives part-time at a GZT basecamp within the zebra area of ​​gravy, collecting data that is used to advocate and protect their habitat.

Funnell hoped it was one of the most challenging but important parts of the job.

He said, “There are many stories of species extinction globally: stories of destruction, loss of species, pollution”. “It’s very difficult to see any species a thousand years down the line of survival, so you really have to have hope.”

To learn more about what it takes to protect gravy’s zebra, watch the video above.


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