When King Kong accidentally meets Met Godzilla

In 1962, Japanese film studio Toho releasedKing Kong vs Godzilla, “An ambitious monster film that pitted two of the most popular creatures in cinema history against each other’s (supposedly) mortal. The film boasts a drunken Kang; cringe-worthy brownface (South with Japanese actors Blackening their faces to play the Pacific “origin”); and a fight with a giant octopus – played by the real octopus.

The feature also featured in the best of the Godzilla film in Japan today, to revive the franchise and set the stage for scores of monster films.

“In the late 1950s, Toho was producing all these new monsters – Mothra, Rodan – for each new film,” William M. Sutsui said, “Godzilla on My Mind: Fifty Years of the Kings of Monsters“” But it was actually ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla’ that solidified Godzilla as the star of Toho’s monster franchise. “

Since then, the two Titans have battled giant squads and overseen all manner of orchids and mechanized animals – but have never seen each other. There are two big popular film stars from two countries and franchises and film industries inspired by sequels and “vs.” films. Why did it take six decades for the rematch? This month this question arose when the two finally met againGodzilla vs Kang, “A large budget, impact-filled facility from Warner Bros. and Legendary.

In this latest outing, Godzilla departs Hyatus and mysteriously runs so-and-so, leading to Railey’s battle with Kong under the sea, on naval ships, and on the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong.

A lot has changed since 1962. Japanese actors “creature suits” in latex have been replaced by hyperalistic CGI effects; The creatures are even more massive (since the beginning of his film, Kong has grown from about 24 feet in 1933 to more than 300 feet today); And fights are staged at the largest of the scales. And unlike the first film, when Hong Kong may or may not be the winner – only he wakes up from his underwater battle, but given how Godzilla is aquatic, who really knows? – This latest film promises a clear and decisive winner.

The point was significant for director Adam Wingard, who recalls the school arguments over who would perform like this. “There was always the feeling that they didn’t get the right that somebody had to say, look, this is the one who will win,” he said in a video interview. “I’m not usually a petty person, but this is probably my way of winning the longest argument in history.”

The path to “Godzilla vs. Kong” is filled with twists and turns and near-misses. When Godzilla first arrived in Japanese cinemas in 1954, Monster was a hit. But the next year a sequel was distorted, and soon, other recon creatures like Mothra and Rodan were stealing their thunder at the box office. In fact, the 1962 film was originally seen by Willis O’Brien, who animated the 1933 stop-motion Kong as a matchup between Ape and Frankenstein’s monster, but the Frankenstein character’s Concern over rights trumped those plans. Toho stepped in and offered his famous reptile as a replacement partner on the occasion of the studio’s 30th anniversary.

On the first meeting, the two stars do not start fighting each other for about an hour – and even have a half-hour affair, which involves a lot of bouncing and chest beats, but a lot. There is not much movement. “The fight scenes are intended to be humorous,” Sutsuci said. “This was when the producers of Godzilla were trying to mimic Pro Wrestling, so they were funny and wavering, and didn’t have the distinction of Japanese films from the ’50s, or what we’ve seen recently from Legendary . “

The film’s ambiguous ending, exiting Kong Ocean, led to a popular fan theory that an alternate ending was created for Japanese audiences, with Godzilla as the winner. “If you’re selling it as Japan vs. the United States, you don’t want both sides to look bad,” Satsui said. “But more importantly, I think they were thinking about the remake, ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla II,’ somewhere down the line.”

Indeed, the film’s box office success in Japan and the United States led to several attempts at cinematic rematch. Plans were made for the 1963 sequel. (In one embodiment, the two animals work together to protect a child from a furious lava flow.) Later attempts to secure the rights to Kong’s version of RKO, leading Toho to the 1967 animation animation Rankin / Copied with bass.King Kong survived, “Which clashed with Messi-Kong, a robot doppelganger, and a giant dinosaur. In the early ’90s, Toho produced a remake of the 1962 film as well as presenting Godzilla against McKee-Kong. Considered convenience, but the two went nowhere. Yet, even without Kong, Godzilla was thriving, becoming Toho’s most popular monster and one of the world’s longest-running film franchises.

In 2015, plans for “Godzilla vs. Kang” were announced as part of Legendary’s Monsterview, a year before the director started the multimedia franchise Gareth Edwards’s “Godzilla.” After a solo outing in 2017 “Kong: Skull Island“And”Godzilla: The King of the Monsters, The pairing was recognized as a “glorious battle for the ages” by Legendary and Warner Bros.

Unlike the 1962 original, there is no waiting for the monsters to show up. A third of the way, we have already seen Kong use sign language, shower and scratch ourselves; Godzilla in Pansacola, Fla .; And the two wage a slugfest in the sea, with Godzilla’s tail ships and slicing through Kong, making no great shakes as a swimmer, powerfully struggling with his element. “I saw Kong in such action sequences John McLaney as’ 80s Action, Where it’s a man with his back against the wall, and you keep throwing more and more things at him, “Wingard said.

One of Godzilla’s distant ancestors has a lot to throw from the back of an ax to buildings and parts of the fighter jet to the ax. There is even a tribute to the Easter egg for a scene in the 1962 original, in which Kong cut down a tree under Godzilla’s gulal.

But the action is not too bloody, except perhaps for a scene in which Kong tears off the head of a flying reptile and bites the green mind from the animal’s dead skull. Alex Garcia said, “You never want to go to a place where you are just giddy.” “But Godzilla’s beast. He will eat. “

In the end, the filmmakers had to live up to the expectations created after a long wait of six decades. Over the past few months, impatient fans have come up with several theories about the performance based on news and snippets leaked from the film’s own trailers – including a particularly imaginative conjecture, including the inexplicably panicked Godzilla in fact Has Meghgodzilla, the evil system of lizards. Rival, Wearing godzilla’s skin. “Yes, I saw that one,” Garcia said with a laugh. “It really gained a lot of traction. And that’s why I love Godzilla fans so much. I think people will go there with it. “

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