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White House allows press at HHS immigration facility, but not spotlight by congressmen for crowd situation – CNN Politics

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A group of White House officials and members of Congress will visit Facility to keep childless migrant children It will be allowed in Texas and inside a news camera on Wednesday, the White House said in a statement. Is different from the feature seen in Pictures released A congressman exposed a crowded situation last week.

The White House has been Under increasing pressure The number of migrant children to give journalists access inside the residence is the number of illiterate children detained in recent weeks.

The White House said the delegation would visit the Department of Health and Human Services’ influx at Carrizo Springs, Texas, and be allowed to carry a networked pool camera inside during the trip.

The facility is an example of the types of shelters that the administration is looking for to accommodate children. These facilities are equipped to provide medical services, sleep and other support. But among the Kovid-19 barriers, there is not enough shelter space to house the increasing number of arrivals, resulting in living in border patrol facilities, similar to long-term prison-like situations.

The Biden administration is not yet allowed to have news cameras inside US Customs and Border Protection facilities where children are detained for more than 72 hours as permitted under the law, although CBP earlier this week Released official footage of one of those facilities.

The Carrizo Springs facility was initially opened under the Trump administration in 2019 to increase the number of underage minors coming from across the border. It is intended to shelter minors, unlike border petrol facilities.

According to HHS, the facility is available to children between 13 and 17 years old. The department says that 1,026 children have been kept in the shelter since the opening and 216 children have been discharged. There are currently 810 male minors on the site.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently led a bipartisan delegation of senators from El Paso, Texas for the visit and reporters were not allowed to accompany him. The Department of Homeland Security said the trip was closed to journalists due to confidentiality and Kovid-19 precautions.

The Biden administration is scrambling to accommodate a surge in irresponsible minors arriving at the US-Mexico border that has overwhelmed and strained government resources. there are more than 16,000 unaccounted children In US custody, there are about 4,800 in CBP custody and 11,300 in HHS custody.

As of Sunday, more than 800 unpublished migrant children have been in Border Patrol custody, according to documents reviewed by CNN. Federal law requires HHS rejects within 72 hours to have irresponsible children who oversee a shelter network designed for home minors, but amidst epidemic-related barriers, children 72 hours Remain in custody for more than the limit of.

Senior Biden administration officials traveled to Mexico on Monday to discuss the management of migration with government officials.

Roberta Jacobson, Coordinator of the Biden Administration for the Southern Border, Juan Gonzalez, Senior Director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere and Special Envoy of the Northern Triangle of the Department of State, Ricardo Zuniga are on the trip. Gonzalez and Zuniga are also traveling to Guatemala to organize a meeting after the trip to Mexico.

Priscilla Alvarez of CNN contributed to this report.

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