Who’s going to win the women’s gymnastics all-around now?

It was expected to be a coronation. A winning race for the gold medal for the highest profile athlete in the Games.

But suddenly the all-round event of women on Thursday is completely different. With Simone Biles Returns Due to the mental health issue, it is now a real competition.

So, who’s going to win?

The contenders have a strong field, and their scores and abilities are close. Here are our best guesses for the podium:

Lee finished third in the qualifier, but he has an ace on his side: depending on the initial, his degree of difficulty will be greater than that of anyone other than Biles. This gives him a big upside. If She Nails Her RoutineOther gymnasts can’t match him, no matter how well they do. Lee’s bar routine in particular is a miracle, one harder than Biles’ plan.

As a second-place qualifier behind Biles, Andrade automatically slips into the role of a favorite as well. Some had predicted that she would do so well; She has struggled with injuries throughout her career, and Brazil has never won a women’s title. olympics Gymnastics Medal. But her routine is comparable to the rest of the field, and may be underestimated.

Melnikova was a bronze medalist at the most recent World Championships in 2019. Both she and Urazova were part of Russian team who drove the united states in team competition After Biles exited. Both have similar strengths and weaknesses – Melnikova is slightly stronger on the floor and Urazova on the beam – and either can win a medal with a good performance.

Only eighth in qualifying, she is another competitor who could benefit from her degree of difficulty. Her Beam routine might be the best (not counting the pees). He also has the highest honor in the field, a silver medal behind Biles at the World Championships.

Carey seems like a long shot, given that he is ninth, got a spot in the all-around with the return of Biles, and didn’t even appear in the team event for the United States. Her beam routine is weak, but she has a special floor routine and can score well on the vault as well. She could be a surprise medalist.

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