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Why not all MPs have been vaccinated even after months of use of shots on the hill

Through a house-wide survey and interview, CNN has contacted Capitol Hill’s offices to try to get a clearer picture of where gaps in vaccination still exist.

CNN confirmed that 189 out of 219 Democrats in the House have been vaccinated. One Democrat confirmed that he had not been vaccinated but planned to be and that there were 29 Democrats to whom CNN did not receive responses.

CNN also confirmed that 53 of 211 House Republicans have been vaccinated. Thirteen Republicans told CNN that they had not been vaccinated because many said they planned to be. CNN did not receive a response from 145 House Republicans.

According to the survey, health officials around the country are encouraging Americans to vaccinate and despair to restore the House, which has allowed each to act as a social disturbance more regularly. The length of the vote has been increased.

With a low number of responses from House Republicans, CNN attempted to interview GOP lawmakers in the halls of the Capitol. A handful of members told CNN that it was a HIPAA violation, which may also be asked. HIPAA applies to health care providers who are prohibited from sharing personal health information about their patients without consent, not individuals who voluntarily share their information.

“Isn’t this a HIPAA violation?” Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia said when asked about the vaccine status.

“I don’t know if you should tell,” said Markwene Mullin of Oklahoma. “I’m not going to answer it.”

“It’s not fair,” Rep. Jason Smith, a Republican from Missouri, was shocked to hear this question.

Later when Smith was asked about his vaccination status, he said, “The fact that you are asking him his health information, I think it is really unacceptable.”

Still, while CNN found that Democratic offices were far more forthcoming about their owners’ vaccine status, many Republicans were equally passionate about shots of themselves, their constituents, and their fellow members.

“I talk about it a lot,” Rape said. Richard Hudson, a Republican from North Carolina who has been vaccinated, says he worked with his local hospital system to build a campaign with his vaccine card, trying to set an example. . “There are some people who are concerned about safety, and I want to encourage people to get vaccinated.”

Rape, Michael Burgess, a Republican from Texas, said he believes it is important for members to try to do everything they can to make their constituents feel comfortable receiving the vaccine – and that in itself Disclosing the status of vaccination is included.

“If we want the country to be better, we should say,” Burgess, who is a medical doctor, spoke about the status of the vaccines of lawbreakers. “The country will not be better until people get vaccinated.”

Democratic rape. Michigan’s Dan Kildy blasted colleagues who refused to vaccinate for months after the vaccine became available.

“The first thing I will tell them is that they are growing up. I mean this is science, this is health, this is a national epidemic, and we are trying to work here to deal with it. And this idea is therefore Is because with their own political arrogance, they are not willing to do something that protects themselves, their neighbors, their family, their allies, to magnify some kind of bizarre political statement, big Happens. That’s what I’ll tell them, “Kildy said.

‘We are not a privileged class’

Across the country, vaccine inhibitions have become a major obstacle for public health advocates who are trying to get the country back to normal quickly. in CNN poll Earlier this month, 92% of Democrats said they had received a dose of the vaccine or plan to get one, while only 50% of Republicans said so. In Congress, vaccines can be critical to loosening security restrictions that have made it harder for the House and Senate to conduct regular business.

Currently the House holds open votes for approximately 45 minutes to limit the number of persons on the floor at any given time. It is unclear whether and when this practice will change.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN on Wednesday, “I mean, if they get vaccinated, we can cut the time for the vote and they hope they get inspiration for the vaccination.”

The CNN poll found 14 House members who confirmed on record that they had not been vaccinated: one Democrat – Chris Pappas of New Hampshire – and 13 Republicans, Reps. Madison Mawthorne of North Carolina, Thomas Massey of Kentucky, Chuck Fleischman. Kat Cammack of Tennessee, Florida, Ellis Stephanik of New York, Gus Billiakis of Florida, James Comer of Kentucky, Brian Mast of Florida, Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Ken Buck of Colorado, Michael Waltz of Florida and Dan Texas Of Crenshaw.

However, many of them argued that they had waited because they did not want to “skip the line” and did not plan to vaccinate.

“We are members of Congress, but we are not a privileged class,” Duncan said.

“, I’ve been waiting for people. I’m old, but I’m not the oldest yet, so I’m waiting for everyone, who is old enough to get vaccinated,” said 57-year-old Jordan said. “I’m in no hurry.”

Pappas’ office also said Democrats planned to vaccinate.

Some Republicans did not make that promise. A Cawthorn spokesman told CNN that the freshman Congressman “will take that decision in consultation with his doctor.”

And Masi told CNN that she did not plan to vaccinate at all because she already had the virus.

“I am immune to recovery,” Massey said, saying she would not be vaccinated. “As long as there is no evidence that shows it to be beneficial, there is no reason to get it.”

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has advised individuals who still had the virus to vaccinate.

Flexman said he refused to vaccinate in December because he thought it was wrong to go ahead of others who wanted the vaccine and needed it immediately. In January, he said he had found the virus. Now, he said that he is not sure if he will ever get the vaccine.

“I don’t know yet. I want to make sure that everyone in America who wants it can meet me first. I didn’t want to put myself in the front of the line. I encourage everyone to get it Have been. ” The Tennessee Republican said.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has increased pressure on Democratic leadership to restore regular order after the Chamber took unprecedented steps to secure voting among the Chamber. In a letter to Pelosi last week, McCarthy said that about 75% of the House was vaccinated and said that it is time to end proxy voting – a practice where members can vote remotely. The Office of the Attending Physician did not return a request for comment regarding the percentage of members vaccinated.

Proxy voting has long been the goal of Republican leaders, despite the fact Some GOP members have used it. Democratic leaders have not said when this practice will end.

“I am not going to address the hypothetical possibility that is not yet in front of us” in the context of what the House of Democrats discuss and discover and what public health guidance might be. Of Democratic leadership, told CNN.

Senate Vaccination

In the Senate, every Democrat has been vaccinated, as are most Republicans. Five Republicans – Censored. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Mike Bronn of Indiana, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rick Scott of Florida and Kevin Kramer of North Dakota – confirmed to CNN that they had not been vaccinated.

Cramer told CNN that he plans to get vaccinated after the holiday that begins at the end of the month. Scott told CNN that he waited until more people were vaccinated in Florida but he plans to receive it. Braun told CNN that he also planned to have the vaccine, but was waiting for “more information”.

Both Johnson and Paul have coronovirus and argue that the antibodies they have are protective against severe reinforcement, despite the fact that the CDC is advising people that they do not know how long immunity lasts.

“I felt that I owe everyone,” Johnson told CNN in a phone call on Monday. “I don’t think any of this science is settled, but the reason is that I have not been given the vaccine yet, I have Kovid and I still had a mild case when I had it. … Now I am being attacked as being the antagonist.

Ted Barrett, Danila Diaz, Annie Grier and Sergio Hernández contributed to this report.


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