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William and Harry are not the first royals to choff against their roles

The Intimate World of Windsor Sisters
By Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton’s cover of “Elizabeth and Margaret” resembles another royal biography: Craig Brown’s “Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret, ”Which surfaced in 2018. Both feature glamorous black and white photographs of beigeless princesses; Both titles are printed in Ladli pastels.

But, inside, the two books are very different. “Princess Margaret’s Ninety-Nine Glimpses” is canon – a new gem Princess Margaret’s Life story in snippets, via Limerick, a fictional announcement of his marriage to Haiku and Pablo Picasso (who was rumored to have sexual fantasies about him). In “Elizabeth and Margaret”, Morton, a veteran royal biographer, provides a stunning examination of the yin-and-yang, Jackie-and-Merlin dynamic between Queen Elizabeth and her late younger sister, Princess Margaret. The result is less deliciously inspired.

“Every generation in the House of Windsor staggers with a shadow,” Morton writes. “Good vs Naughty Shahi. Rebel extrovert vs. sensible introvert … sun and moon. “There is certainly another successive royal binary: heirs and” extras “.

Before Wills and Harry, there was “Lilybet” and Margaret Rose. Duty-bound as a tie, Princess Elizabeth learns to control her bladder to endure long state ceremonies without peanuts. At the age of 13, she fell for Prince Philip of Greece, a dashing sailor who impressed her with her hunger for shrimp aboard the royal yacht Victoria and Albert; She has been married for 73 years.

Meanwhile, Mercurial Margaret, with her trademark bouquet and swinging cigarette holder, “described Cecil Beaton as a ‘sex twinkle’,” Morton writes, “an attitude that suggested a desire to know – rebellion. With a hint of. ” The first member of the British monarchy has been divorced since King Henry VIII (separated from photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1978) and flirted with fitting into Princess Margaret Dyer, a bona fide bon vint, befriended the Beatles And proceeded towards Mustakir.

Morton cemented himself as the king of royal tea with “Diana: Her True Story”, the 1992 prince about to marry Charles. (After Diana’s death, Morton confirmed the suspicion that The The princess was his primary source.) That exclusive set an impossibly high bar for the author, who has since produced unauthorized biographies Meghan Markle, Monika Lewinsky, Tom Cruise And others.

Still, in “Elizabeth and Margaret”, the lack of scoops or surprises is not difficult to overcome. Morton described their relationship as “intriguing but neglected”, but Margaret or not, Margaret may have renounced the title to marry her old title Captain Peter Townsend, who divorced Scarlett “D” Wear it. “Will he choose duty over love?” Morton asks. Even a cursory audience “Crown“Knows the answer.

Despite their royal lineage, Lilybet and Margaret did not work unlike many civilian sisters. According to Morton, the queen emphasized the antics of the princess, and Margaret struggled to find herself (compared to being anxious for her sister might give a complex one), but they were fundamentally behind each other. Were. It is not that the family did not suffer from “ostrich” (banging their heads vigorously in the sand) when the issues were brewed. Morton provides rich references on the coolness of royal life, writing that, in the midst of Armstrong-Jones’ marriage, Princess Margaret was hospitalized – officially for a checkup, but to be bought over pills and alcohol Rumor. Before the weekend, he called a friend who, while he was hosting a party, threatened to throw himself out of his bedroom window. When the friend “frantically calls the queen in Sandringham,” the emperor replies: “Go with your house party. Her room is on the ground floor.”

In its current incarnation, the British royals strive for Barbour jacket-clad acceptance, but “Elizabeth and Margaret” is a damaging reminder of monarchical imperialist roots. During a visit to South Africa in 1947 with Princess Elizabeth’s 21st birthday, she and her family were cheered on with $ 10 million in modern day diamonds and other jewelry – a cartoon scene in 2021. “In Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe Morton writes, more than 42,000 schoolchildren were required to contribute their weekly pocket money, whether they were towards a platinum brooch set with 300 diamonds or not, to the princess.” The saddest one was an earlier incident when a naked African escaped behind an African royal car, which looked like a piece of paper. For his pain the queen mother stabbed him with his parasol and then the police slammed her to the ground. The spoiled partner was only trying to make his contribution to the millionaire princess on her birthday – a 10 shilling note ”- or about two dollars.

Margaret’s story is a revelation, too, when it spares the way the parts are sidelined. Prince Harry and Markle notice the spring when Morton writes that Margaret was roaming South Africa behind her parents and sister, “She had an awareness that if she wanted to get adventurous and perfection, she would Looks better outside the country, a place where she was doomed to live forever in the shadows. “

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