William Shatner Can’t Escape ‘Star Trek’, But His Journey Goes Far Beyond That

Although it was early in my journalism career, I can remember coming up with two thoughts: Shatner was kidding himself if he thought he might ever get out from under the yoke of “Star Trek,” And there was a possibility that he was unlikely to be associated with another hit of that magnitude.

As it turned out, I was right and wrong. Shatner will always be remembered for his iconic role of Captain Kirk. But he managed to make a third act in his career, which has been really impressive, somewhat leaning into the character’s swaggering, swashbuckling image and laughing at himself.

Shatner’s plan travel in space Aboard Blue Origin, at the age of 90, it marks the culmination and coalescence of those two threads—a giant leap for the man who also shuts down his connection to the starship Enterprise.

Directing, it turned out, didn’t represent Shatner’s future path. His opportunity to direct the fifth “Star Trek” film, “The Final Frontier”, was generally considered one of the low points in the series.

Yet the actor joined several cleverly chosen vehicles, making the impossible transition from leading man—a mantra he still bore in the 1980s series “T.J. Hooker”—to another banana understanding. , with supporting roles in films such as “Miss” Also hosted “Rescue 911”.

Shatner then explained a stint on “The Practice” in his Emmy-winning part on “Boston Legal” as Denny Crane, a brilliant, eccentric lawyer who enjoyed a good cigar and claimed to have never Didn’t even lose a case.

Shatner also indulged in “Star Trek” jokes, as he did on that “SNL” sketch. This included the 2006 Comedy Central roast, where he endured one good-natured aftermath about his overacting and more.

This set the stage for his later life, starring in the short-lived but memorable sitcom “$#*! My Dad Says” and continuing to act, most recently in the independent comedy “Senior Moment” with Gene Smart. romanced. “

In short, when “Star Trek” was the first question in an interview, Shatner walked away with a win. The “If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them” Approach, demonstrating that he can play along by channeling the interest coming from that venerable franchise into other options.
Amidst a flurry of jokes about what Captain Kirk will really find “out there,” as Shatner prepares for this symbolic moment, Vulture quietly went against the grain. Topic “‘Boston Legal’ Legend Will Go to Space.”

Nice effort, but we all know what the great banner Shatner is carrying with him. Yet what could easily have been his final frontier, as it turns out, was just the beginning of a journey that led him – boldly or otherwise – in directions the skeptics had not thought of.


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