With More Vaccines Secured, Biden Warns of Hurdles to Come

With More Vaccines Secured, Biden Warns of Hurdles to Come

Washington – The Biden Administration On Thursday, it said it received more than 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, enough to vaccinate every American adult, but President Biden warned that logistic hurdles would be most likely that many Americans would still spend the summer. Will not vaccinate until the end.

The amount of the additional dose increases the vaccine by 50 percent, and will give the administration the number of doses that Mr. Biden said last month that he needed to cover 300 million people by the end of summer. But it will still be difficult to bring those shots into people’s arms. Both vaccines are two-dose diets, set aside three and four weeks. Mr. Biden faced a “huge” logistical challenge during an appearance at the National Institutes of Health. He also expressed open frustration with the previous administration.

“It is one thing to have a vaccine,” said Mr. Biden. “Getting vaccinated is another thing.”

The Department of Health and Human Services said that Pfizer and Modern would each deliver 300 million doses by the end of July.

The administration is looking at a step-by-step process. The government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci predicted Thursday morning that in early April, any American could start asking for a vaccine in the “open season” that would expand availability beyond priority categories.

“In the time I get until April, that is what I would call for better calling, ‘open season’,” Dr. The neighbor said an interview With NBC’s “Today”. “That is, almost everyone and anyone in any category can start vaccination.”

But this issue can be a dose for those who do not easily look for them.

Mr. Biden has carefully saved his White House from being consumed by criticism of his predecessor, but on Thursday he called Donald J. Took a direct target on Trump, who he said was a failure to create a process for mass vaccination. The president, who said he promised to speak openly to Americans about the challenges of the pandemic, blamed Mr. Trump for failing to build an important one for failing to build a streamlined vaccine delivery program. Mr. Biden said, “The vaccine program was much worse than my team.

“While scientists did their work in finding the vaccine in record time, my predecessor – I’ll be very blunt about it – didn’t do his job in preparing for the enormous challenge of vaccinating hundreds of crores,” Mr. Biden said.

“It was a big mess,” he said. “It’s going to take time to heal you, to be blunt with you.”

Health officials in the Trump administration have pushed back on suggestions that point to hundreds of briefings that officials from the Department of Health and Human Services offered to the incoming health team, including vaccine allocation and distribution.

Highly decentralized plans to distribute and administer vaccines, granting rights to state and local health departments once dosing, were developed with career staff members Centers for Disease Control and Prevention And the Department of Defense.

Officials involved in the previous administration’s delivery plans said at the end of last year that outside of the first few weeks, when they carefully manage second-dose stocks, their plans would always be to ship the dose as soon as it became available. , And that it was never their intention to stock up.

The deal for 200 million additional doses of the coronovirus vaccine helps fulfill a promise made in January to increase supplies to cover a greater population. He then stated that the administration was working with both manufacturers on the deal under its larger pledge that approximately 300 million Americans could receive a single dose of the vaccine. End of summer or beginning of fall.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden said his administration had “bought enough vaccines to vaccinate all Americans now.”

Dr., who was the Assistant Health Secretary for preparedness and response under President Barack Obama. Nicole Lurie said the vaccine hesitation could affect how some Americans eager for vaccination might soon get their shot, but more supplies would mean there are vaccines for more people to work with.

“We will reach more and more population, and an extra effort will have to be made to reach the maximum population of you,” she said. He said, “You hope the supply will continue and the public is still in great demand for vaccines.” It is indeed unknown. “

The government has already received 400 million doses of the vaccine from two approved companies Pfizer and Moderna. Emergency delivery – Expected dose by end of June. Mr Biden said on Thursday that the companies would now distribute them by the end of May.

A third manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, has asked the Food and Drug Administration to authorize its single-dose vaccine for emergency use, a decision that could be made by the end of the month and deliver the vaccine the first week in March Allows to do. But the company is still trying to show that it can produce the vaccine extensively at its Baltimore plant.

Federal officials have so far declined to say how ready the vaccine would be for distribution if it passed regulatory hurdles, but they would not expect a flood of new doses from Johnson & Johnson soon Are careful.

The White House epidemic advisor, Andy Slavitt, recently said, “We haven’t found that the level of manufacturing allows us to inject as many vaccines as we think we need to come out of the gate.”

So far, about 10 percent of Americans have received at least one dose of vaccine. On Thursday, the CDC said about 34.7 million people is obtained At least one dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine, including approximately 11.2 million people, has been fully vaccinated.

The pace of vaccination has steadily increased in recent weeks. The number of daily shots is now around 1.5 million, up from 1.1 million two weeks ago. At that rate, Mr. Biden would easily fulfill his promise to vaccinate 100 million Americans in his first 100 days of office.

State and federal health officials say the main obstacle to vaccinating more people at this point is the lack of supplies. The administration is exploring any possible way to speed up production, including a possible breakthrough in which Modern will fill its vials with higher doses, possibly receiving millions more doses soon.

But Mr. Biden has long been faced with a variety of manufacturing barriers, including limited space around the world to produce more vaccines and the delicate and complex nature of vaccine production.

White House officials said what they claim was a 28 percent increase in their weekly supply of vaccines. But those doses have resulted in an expected boom in manufacturing.

Unlike previous administrations, the White House epidemic team is informing governors of anticipated supplies in three-week increments, so the state’s health department will know better how to plan ahead.

And he has taken a much more aggressive stance in using federal resources to get shots in arms. The White House announced this week that it is standing in five new inoculation centers, including three in Texas and two in New York specifically aimed at vaccinating people of color. The administration also said It will aim to ship one million doses of the vaccine Assisted community health centers in neighborhoods with populations of less than 250. A new federal pharmacy vaccination program began this week.

And on Friday, the administration announced that it was sending more than 1,000 active-duty troops to Kovid-19 vaccination centers nationwide operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

FEMA, a part of the Department of Homeland Security, has said it expects to establish about 100 vaccine sites nationwide earlier this month and that it will spend $ 1 billion on vaccination measures, including community immunization sites.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg Contributed to reporting.



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