Women expanded drug use, sex, and payment after late-night parties with Gatz and others

Party people, sometimes dressed in ceremonial garb from a political event, give up, munch and share drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. Some had sex.

One of the women named Gaz, a republican known for discussing politics. He behaved like a “party boy’s frat type”, adding that sometimes taking pills led him to believe they were recreational drugs.

Details of the parties, which have not been previously reported, were described to CNN by two women who had joined several of them over the years. Both spoke on condition of anonymity.

The federal Investigators investigating According to people familiar with the investigation, Getz was in a relationship with a woman who started at the age of 17. Investigators have also accused witnesses and other evidence that Gates may have used cash and drugs in dealing with the young.

After a few parties, the money will change hands. Gaetz and his colleague Joel Greenberg, a former county tax commissioner charged last year on several federal charges, used digital payment applications to send hundreds of dollars to at least one woman attending the parties, according to receipts reviewed by CNN. .

Receipts received by CNN Record Payments which took place between 2018 and 2019 and indicated the inclusion of at least one label intended to compensate for the trip.

One of the women said that she received money from Greenberg after a few parties. She said some of the payments were for providing sex, but would not say who she slept with. He said that he never received money directly from Gays.

Some parties had more low-key cases, another woman said. Some hotels had suites at the end of alcohol-filled political functions.

“Nobody ever wants to stop partying, stop drinking alcohol, once you’ve had a few glasses of champagne,” she said.

A spokesman for Getz did not directly respond to CNN’s request for comment but challenged the use of anonymous sources.

According to people familiar with the investigation, officials have spoken with some of the women involved with Congress and her close friend, Greenberg, a former tax commissioner from Seminole County, Florida, who is currently facing 33 federal charges, Including sex trafficking is minor.

One of the women who spoke to CNN said that she did so because the photo of Gates that surfaced in recent times is linked to sex trafficking that does not align with what she saw. The two women said they had never seen anyone at parties that were young. Nor has he spoken to federal investigators, he said.

Congressman Matt Getz, R-Fla., A & quot;  American First for Women & quot;  Event Friday, April 9, 2021, in Doral, Florida.

Getz has denied ever paying for sex and has sought to impose charges on him as a result of political bias in the justice system and media over the past two weeks.

He has also accused investigators of turning his generosity towards women into something criminal.

“Providing flights and hotel rooms to people you’re dating who are of legal age is not a crime,” Getz said in an interview to Fox News late last month.

the new York Times Previously reported That Gaz made digital payments to women, and last Thursday, The Daily Beast Also reported On the Venmo Transactions between Getz and Greenberg and Greenberg and Young Women.
Are greenberg Providing investigators with information from last year, In which he and Getz were with women who were given cash or gifts in exchange for sex, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN.
Greenberg met with investigators several times, and their cooperation, by which it was first reported the new York Times, Could put additional legal pressure on Getz as investigators work to determine if he himself broke sex-trafficking or prostitution laws.

Last week, Greenberg’s attorney and a federal prosecutor told a judge that Greenberg would likely enter a settlement in the coming weeks, possibly giving the Justice Department access to a witness with in-depth knowledge of any possible wrongdoing by Gays .

Speaking to reporters after Thursday’s hearing last week, Greenberg’s attorney, Fritz Scheler, declined to say whether his client would be willing to cooperate as part of a potential plea and that Greenberg had already met with prosecutors Will meet together to find out what he knows. About Getz

However, he said his client is “uniquely positioned.”

“I’m sure Matt Getz is not feeling very comfortable today,” Scleher said

Screener declined to comment for this story to CNN.

The Gates investigation began in the months following the conclusion of the Trump-era Justice Department under then Attorney General William Burr and was initially part of a broader investigation into trafficking charges against Greenberg.

As part of the ongoing investigation, investigators are examining Getz’s connections to several associates in Florida, according to sources familiar with the investigation, politically in exchange for providing favors to Congress, including escorts, travel and campaign donations Can benefit.

An event in focus is a trip that Getz took to the Bahamas with friends and young women, CNN has reported. Investigators are trying to determine if, as part of their broader investigation, Gates was granted the trip and the women were provided in exchange for political favors.

A former member of the Florida House of Representatives and the son of a powerful figure in Republican state politics, Getz Cultivated a tight-knit circle With politically connected friends who stayed in his class in 2017 after moving to Washington.
He had actually jumped on the Trump train ;: how a fast Matt Getz climbed Trump's ranks in Washington;

In recent times, all those associates have been involved in the scam. Chris Dorworth, a former state legislator described by Getz as a friend and “legislator conservator”, stepped down from his position at a high-powered lobbying firm on Friday, a day after being reported by the New York Times. Said he talked about Getz running a third party candidate in a local election – which could be considered a violation of campaign finance laws if a third party candidate was paid to run secretly.

“The current political climate is bad, and I told Brian that it’s not appropriate for the recent media storm to move away from its mission,” Dorworth said, referring to Florida-based lobbying group founder Brian Ballard. With a close relationship with the administration of former President Donald Trump.

Dorworth told CNN on Wednesday that he did not recall talking with Getz about running the third candidate and that he did not believe it would have been illegal if it had happened. He did not respond to CNN’s request for comment on his resignation.

So far, Greenberg appears to be the only person in Getz’s class who is currently facing charges related to the scandal. First charged in 2020 over the alleged pursuit of a political opponent, Greenberg has since been accused by federal prosecutors of illegally using the motor vehicle database and obtaining and using personal information from those including some It is alleged, which he was “engaged in ‘Chinese paddy’ relationships.” Since.

Then-Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg leaves the federal courthouse in Orlando on June 23, 2020, following his indictment on a federal deadlock.

According to a person close to Greenberg, the former tax commissioner regularly sent messages in multiple words to several women inviting them through so-called Chinese Daddy dating websites, where men would engage with women in a way that they would usually pay for money or Compensate with the gift.

Some information about sexual trafficking of a minor charge leveled in Greenberg last year has been revealed publicly, but in an August indictment, prosecutors said the minor is between 14 and 17 years old and accused Greenberg of unlawful conduct He is accused of taking photographs. And the driver’s identification number for the person.

People close to both Greenberg and Getz have described him as a good friend, whose connections were as a socialization of the after-hours of Republican Party politics in Florida.

Greenberg, a newcomer to the elected position when he won the county seat in 2016, enjoyed the political position he gained from befriending Geeta and other lawmakers, said men close to him.

According to a person close to Greenberg, through public view, Greenberg would claim for friends that he was partying with Gats and women.

For his part, Getz found a colleague in Greenberg, donated $ 1,000 to one of his campaigns, and promoted him to higher office in an interview.

“If Joel were to run from the Seminole Company, I think he would be the next congressman from the 7th District,” Getz told a Florida radio station in 2017.

That relationship is now being tested. Getz, in turn, boosted his defense team, appointing two New York lawyers late last week, including a former federal prosecutor, Mark Muksey, who has also represented the Trump Organization.

The story has been updated over the past year with additional reporting by Greenberg about giving information to investigators, as well as incorporating Dorworth’s comments.


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