Sunday, May 9, 2021

Yamiche Alcindor has been named host of ‘Washington Week’ on PBS

Last month, when Yamish Alkindor learned that she would become the next moderator of the PBS Current-Affairs Show. “Washington week, “He immediately felt a sense of the moment.

“Basically I immediately cried,” Ms. Alkindor said, “thinking of Gwen.”

“Washington Week,” a quiet skeptic in the screaming battlefield of political television, is closely associated with the longest-serving mediator, Gwen Ifill, a leading journalist who interrupted the Washington press corps as a black woman Broke it.

prior to that Death in 2016, Ms. Eiffel also became a mentor to the White House correspondent, Ms. Alkindor, in “PBS NewsHour”. Beginning the episode on Friday, Ms. Alkindor, 34, will take Ms. Ifill’s old chair to the top of “Washington Week.” He is a reporter for Robert Costa, The Washington Post who took over in 2017 and left the show this year.

PBS and WETA-TV, a Washington affiliate that produces the program, announced the appointment of Ms. Alkinder on Tuesday.

“I know how much ‘Washington Week’ means to Gwen and how much she has endorsed the show’s legacy,” she said in an interview. “I also feel this incredible responsibility to think deeply about it and make it a show that people want to see, people who will feel that it is living out its great legacy.”

Ms. Alkindor will continue to cover President Biden for “NewsHour”, while also serving as a contributor to NBC News and MSNBC. Before that, he was a Reporter For the New York Times and USA Today.

She said that she had been a “Washington Week” viewer since college, and that she sometimes wanted to widen the scope of the show at DC Archana. She also plans to maintain a civil tone – “a sense of honor and respect,” as she said – that has been the show’s signature since early 1967.

“It might make sense, when you’re working and living in Washington, that everything is going on in DC,” Ms. Alkinder said. He said, “There is a lot in my journalism, due to which the vulnerable population is being affected by these policies.” This will be my guide light. “

As a White House reporter, Ms. Alkindor gained some fame as a consistent target Former President Donald J. From Trump’s ire In news conferences. On An opportunity in 2018, Mr. Trump labeled her question as “racist” as she asked if her policies embraced white nationalists. “As a black woman, this was not the first time that someone had targeted me or said something about me that I did not know the truth,” recalled Ms. Alkinder.

When Ms. Alkinder was first booked as a guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, she said, she called Ms. Ifill in a panic. “

He recalled Ms. Eiffel’s advice: “She basically told me, a you are a reporter, who knows the people around that table as much. You earned it, and you’re ready for it. “”

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