Sunday, May 9, 2021

‘Yasuke’ and ‘Justice Society: World War II’ add bouncy muscles to adult animation

This week brings additional examples, with much more on the way. Netflix’s “Yasuke” focuses on a black samurai (voiced by Laketh Stanfield), mysteriously brought out of retirement to protect a child who is being hunted by a strange and dangerous assortment of villains, among them. A killer robot. The anime series was created by Lesen Thomas (“Cannon Bones”), and certainly does not skimp on the edge of the gladiator.

Elsewhere, DC and Warner Bros. add to their library of direct-to-DVD films with “Justice Society: World War II”, a time-traveling story that sees Flash (Matt Bomer) helping the original team Returns in time for the heroes of the Golden Age (among them Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and the original Flash) fight the Nazis, who are searching for artifacts much like the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that help them win the war. Will help

While not as bloody as some recent DC films – some have pushed up R ratings – the themes cater to hard-core comic-book fans in DC history.

As those projects come, others, “Invincible,” Closes its first season on Amazon on April 30. “The Walking Dead” adapted from comics created by Robert Kirkman, the story of a highly violent superhero focused on a teenage protagonist (Steven Yeown), whose superman-like father, Omni-Man, is hidden. A dark secret.
When “Unstoppable” premiered, Kirkman Told Variety That he wanted to “make it feel like an hour-long cable drama that is animated.”
The latitude provided by the animation allows producers to submit stories that are not as priced as Marvel blockbusters or directors Zack Snyder’s contribution The DC universe, while exploring content that fans are likely to resonate with, is sufficiently passionate to support subscriber-oriented content – primarily young men, but also among those who The last decades grew up on significantly more restrained TV animation. Mick Jost of CinemaBlend Called “Invincible” “the perfect show for 90s kids who love heroes.”

As they say, wait, there’s more. Next month, Disney’s Hulu will launch “Marvel’s Modoc”, a darkly comic-turned-motion-animation series by Patton Oswalt (who also co-produced it), the more obscure and bizarre-looking villain of the comics Is as the voice of one of the.

WarnerMedia, the parent of DC and CNN, also announced that it is uniting the management of 20-year-old late-night Cartoon Network brand Adult Swim and the production of adult animation for its streaming service HBO Max. The service has ordered three upcoming series under that umbrella, including a reboot of the Scooby-Doo spinoff “Velma” and MTV’s “Clone High”. They include such titles “Harley Quinn” And “Rick and Morty,” whose fifth season is scheduled for June.

Announcing the actual content, Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max’s head of original content, said in a statement, “The adult animation boom is just beginning.”

It is certainly not an exaggeration to call the latest wave a boom. But it is also a reminder not to assume just because the pictures are animated that they are made with children in mind.

“Yasuke” premiered on Netflix on April 29.

“Justice League: World War II” will be distributed digitally on April 27 on Blu-ray on April 27 by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.


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