Thursday, May 6, 2021

Year Monday ‘Review: A Year of Love and Its Hangover

The first image of this film is of a disco ball; The first song on its soundtrack is Donna Summer’s 1977 “I Feel Love”. But “Monday” is not a period.

Director Argis Papadimitropoulos, who co-wrote the film with Rob Hayes, understands that for some of the stakeholders from Balearic Island to the Mediterranean – the film’s English speakers soon become acquainted with each other, while their craze Have to face. In the director’s original Greece – Staying Young encapsulates nostalgia for a literal era you didn’t really live.

Mickey, (Sebastian Stan), a DJ, and Chloe (Dennis Gough), a lawyer, meet cute, and completely awake on a beach on a Friday night, and naked the next morning. They are embarrassed by the police, but not too bad with the law. These charming characters date back to their 20s, which makes them a hair too old to be carried in such a way by some lights. Which is actually part of the point of the film.

The film lasts for over a week – it follows a relationship of more than a year, but each sequence closes on Friday and ends on Monday. Movie buffs, who say that contemporary film takes care of both romance and sex: The glue that holds these two together is furious physical contact, and the sex scenes are enough for half a dozen films.

Where his other subjectivity lies is an enigma, but often intoxication can pose such questions. The director’s semi-skewing of rom-com cliches, including the venerable race-to-the-airport bit, underscores their mutual strangeness.

While “Monday” isn’t quite as appealing as Papadimitropoulos’ earlier feature, “Suntan,” It is a well seen picture with very sharp details and some real stings in its tail.

Rated R for sexuality, and lots of it. Language too. In English and Greek with subtitles. Running Time: 1 hour 56 minutes. In theaters and available for rent or purchase Adventuress, Google Play And other streaming platforms and payment TV operators. Please consult guidance Outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before watching the film inside theaters.

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