Yukon Routes Iowa in round 16, which includes Clarke

San Antonio – Whoever Came for the Purpose of One Fresh showdown Something better happened on Saturday between Paige Bookers of Yukon and Katlyn Clarke of Iowa – what the Hawkeyes and Hawkeyes look like when they rely largely on other players.

Of course, they both saw it coming – Clarke said in an interview this week That winner will depend not on him or the Bueckers but on the players around him. Top-seeded Ucino gained a clear edge beyond the one-on-one matchup, stopping the No. 5 seed Iowa, 92-72, earning an 8-round trip to face Michigan or the Boilers, Were playing on Saturday afternoon. .

It was two uppercase, junior Christine Williams and redshirt junior Avina Westbrook, who performed for Yukon. Williams scored 27 points and – perhaps more importantly – prevented Clarke from finding his position. Westbrook missed only two shots and finished with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists for the Hawkeyes. Together, they spent much of the afternoon in a tag-team that had holes in Locona’s defense to extend Ucino’s lead.

“I’m a complete player and I think people have forgotten this,” Williams said in a postgame interview. “I’m trying to show my game from here.”

Clarke, the top scorer in Division I, finished with 21 points below average. The Bookers quietly scored 18 and spent most of the game time with their old teammates.

Neither Clarke nor the Bucers had any outstanding first half, but Clarke was particularly poor: he took 2 of 11 shots and his only 3-pointer to go six attempts looked unstoppable as it hit the backboard. After colliding broke around the rim. Clarke instead relied on his Eagle-eyed passing, which helped Iowa to close the game early.

The Buchers had 6 points in the first half, but finished with 18 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists as he repeatedly handed the ball over to teammates and celebrated as the lead progressed. As one game after another began to turn the game into a twist, the Bueckers ran along the sidelines in celebration and pushed his coach Geno Auriamma on his back, prompting him to turn around with a dumb look.

After a positive coronovirus test, Oreimma parted ways with her team, which prevented her from coaching during the first two rounds of the tournament. He joined his team in San Antonio on Wednesday, and after a win over Iowa, he pulled Clarke to offer him a slap on his back and a few words of encouragement.

The Hawkeyes remained without freshman guard Nika Muhal, who injured the Huskies’ right ankle in the first game of the tournament. But she was off the boot and happy on her team from the sideline. Her replacement in the starting lineup, Aaliyah Edwards, had a total of 18 points and was short of several key roles, including a block in the first half and two offensive rebellions. Yukon defeated Iowa, 42-25.

It was the first game to pay an in-person audience of the women’s tournament, and Hawkeyes fans came out – even though they hadn’t gone to Ucino.

Chris Casta, 32, of San Antonio, ran a 5K, then came to see the player’s nickname “Peggy Buckets” with his brother. While the bookers did not break any records, Aranda said he was not disappointed.

“I mean, UConn dominates, aren’t they?” He said UConn took a 14-point lead before halftime.

Marissa Ingmi Contributed to reporting.

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